The purpose of this Code of Conduct for coaches is to establish common expectations for all members of the coaching staff of the Club.  It is to be used as a guide to promote a positive team environment and good sportsmanship.

❏      At all times, adhere to USA Swimming’s rules and code of conduct.

❏      Set a good example of respect and sportsmanship for participants and fans to follow.

❏      Act and dress with professionalism and dignity in a manner suitable to his/her profession.

❏      Respect officials and their judgment and abide by the rules of the event.

❏      Treat opposing coaches, participants, and spectators with respect.

❏      Instruct participants in sportsmanship and demand that they display good sportsmanship.

❏      Coach in a positive manner and do not use derogatory comments or abusive language.

❏      Win with humility and lose with dignity.

❏      Treat every athlete fairly, justly, impartially, intelligently, and with sensitivity.

❏      Always place the well-being, health, and safety of swimmers above all other considerations, including developing performance.

❏      Continue to seek and maintain their own professional development in all areas in relation to coaching and teaching children.

❏      Always maintain a professional separation between Coach and Athlete – including separation on all social media.  Coaches should not be following athletes nor allow athletes to follow them on any social media.

Any complaints of a coach violating this Code of Conduct will be brought to the attention of Head Coach, Club Safe Sport Coordinator and/or the Club’s Board of Directors.