Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club Locker Room Monitoring Policy


This policy and the following guidelines are designed to maintain personal privacy as well as to reduce the risk of misconduct in locker rooms and changing areas.


The following is a description of our practice and competition facilities to allow athletes and their families to plan their use:

Locker rooms are available at all facilities; the changing area is shared with the general public. As such, there are likely to be people who are not associated with Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club in the changing area around the time of practice when athletes are using the locker rooms to change.

We practice at multiple non-owned facilities; defacing or damaging property will not be tolerated.


General Policy Considerations

Coaches make every effort to recognize when an athlete goes to the locker room or changing area during practice and if they do not return in a timely fashion, we will check on the athlete’s whereabouts.

Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club members are expected to be respectful of teammates’ feelings and personal space.  Swimmers who exhibit inappropriate behavior, including, but not limited to, behavior that is sexist, racist, homophobic, intimidating, or threatening, will face consequences as determined by the coaches.  We encourage our athletes to report misconduct and inappropriate behavior in the locker rooms to promote a safe environment for all.

We discourage parents from entering locker rooms and changing areas unless it is truly necessary.  In those instances, it should only be a same-sex parent.  If this is necessary, parents should notify a coach or a board member in advance.

If an athlete needs assistance with his or her uniform or gear (for example, a child under the age of eight), or an athlete’s disability warrants assistance, then we ask that parents notify a coach or a board member in advance that he or she will be helping the athlete in a locker room or changing area.


Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club has staggered practices, with different groups arriving and departing throughout the day. It is therefore not practical to constantly monitor locker rooms and changing areas over this extended course of time. While we do not post coaches or adults inside or at the doors of the locker rooms and changing areas, we do make occasional sweeps of these areas as needed.  Coaches or other adults conduct these sweeps as needed, with women checking on female locker rooms, and men checking on male locker rooms.