Schenectady-Saratoga Swim Club Apparel

Shark swimmer will wear the A3-Performance suits in competition: 


A3 Performance Solid – The Performance Solid is our team suit for all 10-Unders and for our non-championship meets. The boys’ suit comes as a brief or as a jammer. This is the team suit that we will wear at most meets. 


Nova – The Nova suit is a racing suit that complies with USA Swimming’s new rules regarding tech-suit restrictions. Any 11-over shark can wear a Nova suit in a championship meet

· 12-Under girls can wear the suit without legs at our championship meets. 

· 13-over girls can wear the Nova with legs at our championship meets. 


The nova is a performance racing suit, and not constructed to be worn every meet. You can expect to get 3 or 4 championship meets out of the Nova suit. 


Vici – This is the company’s highest level technical racing suit. This suit can be worn in championship meets by 15-over athletes and those who have minimally qualified for Eastern Zone Sectional Championships. 

· Shark Swimmers will receive a 20% discount on these suits. 

· Those who compete at our Sectional and above meets will get a 40% discount on the Vici. 

· If athletes compete at Jr. Nationals, there is a 60% discount. 

· Swimmers who compete at US Nationals or Olympic Trials will receive a suit for free. 

Legend – The Legend is a technical racing suit that has been discontinued by A3. The suit is on clearance at a steep discount while their supplies last. This suit can be worn in championship meets by 15-over athletes and those who have minimally qualified for Eastern Zone Sectional Championships. 


All swimmers are required to have blue and gray team t-shirts, to be worn at meets. These can be purchased during the team order. They are sold as a set: 1 blue and 1 gray t-shirt.

All Sharks are required to wear the team suit and cap (if a cap is worn), to swim meets. 


Bronze, Silver and Senior group swimmers are also required to own a Sharks team warm-up jacket as well. Team warm-ups will be worn on entry to the site – and in any award ceremony. 


Other team apparel is optional; however, wearing the SHARK apparel and team sweats helps promote team unity and pride. It also greatly aids spectator recognition. 

Apparel from high school teams will not be worn by Sharks swimmers at USA Swim meets. 




For Equipment We Will Be Ordering Thru The Deep End:

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How to Order your Team Gear:

1)     Please place your order by October 8, 2022. 

2)     Go to

3)     Top Left  - Click on TEAM

4)     Enter your teams USER NAMEsharks    &     PASSWORD:  sharks88

5)     At the top of the page you will see the Team Instruction – please read.

6)     Scroll down to see all of the gear your team has chosen for the season.  Order what you wish to own.


**There are NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES on LOGOED & Embroidered Products

**Contact The Deep End for Warm Up Jacket & Pant Sizing Kit

7)     Ordering ON or BEFORE October 8, 2022:

-          Choose COMPLETE TEAM ORDER” as your shipping option during checkout for FREE SHIPPING if you are placing the order ON OR BEFORE October 18, 2022.  All orders will be shipped together to Anne-Marie Nelson, free of charge before your first meet (personalized caps and embroidered items will not be in before the first meet). She will distribute them to the team once they are received. (During checkout, you must fill out Shipping Information as well- website procedure).

Ordering AFTER October 8, 2022 :

-          If you order AFTER October 8, 2022, you MUST choose STANDARD SHIPPING or a PICK UP Option as your shipping option; your order will be shipped to your home or you will be contacted for pick up. Do Not Choose Complete Team Order, it will hold up your order if you do so. (During checkout, you must fill out Shipping Information no matter what shipping option you choose - website procedure).

*PLEASE NOTE: that all screen printed items are available to order until 10/8 - they will be removed from Team Locker Room after that date.

If you have questions during online order process: email customerservice

Any general equipment questions: Please contact Anne-Marie Nelson: d[email protected]