How does the monthly billing work?

Sharks use Team Unify for all billing that occur during the swimming season. You can access your account balance at anytime. You are encouraged to check in and keep track of charges and other items in your account. Registration fees, meet fees, equipment and other fees (like team pictures and the banquet) are billed through Team Unify. Timely payment is critical for the club. The Club Board strongly encourages every family to select either a credit card or ACH (automatic withdrawal from a bank account) for their payment option. If you choose to pay by check and your payment is late (after the 5th of the month), your swimmer(s) will be kept out of the pool until the full payment is made.

If you need to make special arrangements for payment, please contact the Team Business Manager  (Gundi Gutjahr at [email protected]).

Registration Fees:

Click here for more information on registration fees for the current season. The amount varies depending on the practice group placement for your swimmer(s).

Short Course Season (Fall/Winter): For those that pay by credit and ACH, payment can be done in either one installment (on October 1st) or three installments (3 equal payments on Oct. 1, Nov. 1, Dec. 1). For those that pay by check, the full payment is due October 1st.

Long Course Seasons (Spring & Summer): For those that pay by credit and ACH, Spring registration payment occurs automatically April 1st and Summer registration payment occurs automatically June 1st. For those that pay by check the due dates are the same. Your swimmer cannot begin the session until the full registration payment is made.

Every swimmer must be registered through USA Swimming. The USA Swimming Fee is billed to family accounts for each swimmer on September 1st. For Spring & Summer, the USA Swimming Fee is billed to accounts for swimmers that begin swimming in the spring or summer. Returning swimmers or swimmer transferring to the Sharks who are USA Swimming registered are set for the year.

Meet Fees:

If your swimmer(s) is in the competitive program, your swimmer is expected to swim in meets. Please check out the “Meets” tab found across the top of our website. There, you will find the entry and opt-out procedures and the meet schedule. The swim meets cost money when a swimmer is entered (between $4.00 and $5.00 per event). The meet fees are not included in the registration fee. The coaching staff enters our swimmers in meets over the course of the season. Swimmers can swim in three to five events per session at a meet. Once your swimmer is entered in a meet, you are responsible for paying the meet fees. The meet fees are billed to your Team Unify account. Payment of the meet fees are due on the first of the month following the meet.

Equipment Fees:

Unless specified otherwise, equipment is purchased through The Deep End. Families go directly to The Deep End for equipment. The Team Unify account is not billed for these purchases, as payments go through The Deep End.

Other Fees:

Team Unify is also used to sign up for events such as the Banquet at the end of the Short Course season. It is also used to sign up to purchase a team photo. Your account is billed for these events or purchases. Payment occurs on the first of the month following the purchase.

If you have questions about your bill, please email the Team Business Manager ([email protected]).