Chugiak Aquatics Club Fees Policies     Effective January 1st, 2020

Initiation Fee: One Time Cost - $50 per family 

USA Swimming Yearly Dues:  The National Organization and Alaska Swimming LLC charges $82 for yearly registration.  This fee is charged each year on September 1st with the next year's registration becoming active in October.  The fee provides local and national swimming services as well as liability insurance for the team.  If your swimmer is in lessons with us, inquire about an alternative option for the USA membership registration.

Lessons (With KNIK Learn2Swim) - Cost: $60 PER MONTH (Depending on the month, this will be between 6-8 lessons) -  Lessons are offered at Bartlett Pool in partnership with KNIK Learn2Swim.   For information email [email protected] or call 854-8740. 

Stroke School-  Cost: $100 per month -  This squad is encouraged to swim two to three days a week.  Practices are generally an hour long with a small portion devoted to dry-land.  This level is focused on skill instruction and fundamentals.  All four competitive strokes; freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly are introduced.  As swimmers gain more experience they are encouraged to swim in a mock meet or meet with appropriate beginner events.

Bronze-  Cost: $110 per month -  Entry level into competitive swimming.  This squad learns to swim all four competitive strokes.  Competitive starts and turns are incorporated into workout.  Practice time is generally an hour and a quarter long.  Participation in short dry land may be encourage. Practice attendance is three days a week.  Attending 1-2 meets every three to four months is expected.

Silver-  Cost: $130 per month -  This level is geared for competition at invitational and state competitions.  Consistent practice attendance four days a week is expected.  Participation in dry land, attending swim meets, and setting swimming goals is expected.  Aerobic conditioning is developed as well as continued pursuit of excellence in technique throughout a practice, a swim set, and a season. Athletes in this squad generally strive for or have 4-5 Age Group Championship qualifying times.

Gold- Cost: $145 per month -  Higher level of competition and workout attendance is expected.  Athletes attend five to six days of practice.  Swimmers in this level are aiming for finals at championship meets.  Mentoring and assisting younger and newer teammates is a given.  Generally, these swimmers are aware of the motivational times and have BB times or higher.  Participation in dry land and goal setting is a given.  

Platinum-  Cost: $155 per month - Platinum is targeted at High School aged swimmers with advanced skills.  A high degree of engagement and dedication in training is expected.  Platinum athletes also strive to participate in all major championship competitions including out of state meets.

Dues Cap-  Regular recurring monthly dues are capped at $350.00 per family.  This does not include initiation fees, USA Swimming Dues or Meet Fee costs.

High School Season- $75 per month - Members participating in High School Swimming may attend up to three practice session a week.

Inactive Status:  A swimmer may be placed into inactive status by emailing the billing administrator one week prior to the month that inactive status is expected to begin.  Refunds will not be granted for requests received after this date.   If a special circumstance arises after the start of the month, please get in touch.

Athletes who are inactive will be charged yearly USA swimming registration dues.

Late Payments:  In order to meet the monthly costs for the team including payroll and pool rental among others, it is critical that accounts are paid on a regular basis as the margin is thin.  Beginning August 1st, 2019, there will be a $25 late fee for payments received after the 15th of the month.

Volunteer Policy:  CAC does have a volunteer requirement for bronze level and up.  Click HERE to read the CAC volunteer policy.

A note about swim meet Fees:   Fees for participation in swim meets vary depending on the hosting team and the nature of the meet.  Swim Meet fees usually include a per swimmer charge of between $20-$30 and a per event charge of $2.50-$3.50.  The fees are used to pay the pool rental and associated costs for the meets.  In addition, a portion of the charges supports statewide swimming as well as the host club's fundraising.  Meet fees are not refundable after the sign-up deadline.