Chinook Volunteer Policy:


Volunteers are a critical part of the health of any swim program as well as the swimming community in Alaska.  The efforts of volunteers ensure that swimmers and athletes have access to quality programs and events that promote their development. To that end, the Chinook Aquatics Club is instituting a volunteer requirement for its members. 

  • Each family has a required volunteer commitment of 40 hours to be fulfilled during each calendar year (January 1st to December 31st).  This volunteer requirement will apply to members with swimmers at Bronze level and above.  The volunteer hours obligation applies to all members regardless of level of activity or participation in meets.
  • Families who join after January 1st will have their volunteer hours prorated at a rate of 3.33 hours per month beginning the month immediately following their join date.  A family joining on November 15th, therefore, would be responsible for 3.33 hours for December to complete the year.
  • In lieu of hours not worked, families will be charged, on January 1st of each year, $5 for each hour up to a maximum of $200.00.  Proceeds from these charges will be paid to the CAC Booster Club and used to support the work of the club.
  • Volunteer hours will be tracked through the Team Unify system and reported to families as part of the monthly billing cycle. Discrepancies or concerns about volunteer hours may be reported by contacting [email protected].
  • Each event signup will include the volunteer jobs being offered.  After a volunteer has signed up for an event and worked at the event, their volunteer hours account will be credited.
  • The following is a list, though not all inclusive, of opportunities for volunteerism:

Serving on the CAC Booster Board or any committee set up by the board

Serving in any capacity on a board or committee supporting Central Area Swimming, Alaska Swimming or USA Swimming

Timing or assisting at any meet or time trial

Planning or assisting with any team events such as banquets or team dinners

Sorting and preparing ribbons and awards (possible home opportunity)

Providing specialized services such as building or repairing equipment, consulting, seeking sponsors or … (possible home opportunity)

Planning and running the hospitality room or concessions at any event

Training for, then serving as an official for meets (especially high school meets which are a significant source of fundraising for the team)

Training for and serving on the computer timing team

Any other agreed service that promotes the cause of swimming and youth development for our team, Alaska Swimming, or USA Swimming.


The CAC Booster Board and coaches appreciate the efforts of all of its members to support our team and swimming in Alaska.