Our Mission
Chugiak Aquatics Club was founded on the idea that every swimmer matters. From learning how to swim butterfly, to competing in National Championships, we believe in recognizing every accomplishment.

The mission of CAC is to give swimmers the support and training they need to reach their athletic potential, grow as individuals, and discover a love for the sport. We strive to promote self-esteem, teamwork, and self-discipline.

CAC is committed to a culture of inclusion and opportunity for people of diverse backgrounds, including, but not limited to, race, age, income, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender expression, and sexual orientation.

Our Vision
CAC’s vision is threefold:

Grow the swimming community in the state of Alaska, with a focus on inclusion and giving back.

Continue to develop a swim program that nurtures a healthy appreciation for competition and a lifelong love for the sport.

Encourage swimmers to reach beyond what they thought they could achieve.


“Success isn’t final, failure isn’t fatal, it’s courage that counts.” -Alicia Coutts, 5-time Olympic medalist