College Swimming

Swimmers can compete in college swimming at various levels--including NCAA Division I, II, and III, or NAIA. Some schools without official programs offer swim clubs.

CAC encourages swimmers to look at more than just the swim program. While swimming can be a wonderful part of the college experience, academics and the overall feel of the campus should be considered first when choosing a school. Check out the following resources to get a better idea of what programs are offered: 

Comparison of College Swimming Divisions

Top 10 Tips for College Swimming Recruiting

NCAA Eligibility Center



Depending on the swim program or division, schools may or may not be able to give scholarships for swimming. However, all schools can give scholarships for academics. Whichever program you choose, we recommend looking into as many scholarships as possible. We’ve listed some scholarships & resources below to give you a head start!

Alaska Swimming Central Area Swimming Scholarship

Types of College Swimming Scholarships



Our Chinook Alumni are happy to answer questions about college swimming! Just email Coach Anne ([email protected]) and she will put you in touch with a Chinook that has swam/is swimming in college!