Leap Day Fundraiser and Relays
Leap Day Fundraiser and Relays
FEB 28
Time: 4:30 PM
EIN: 51-0487718
Bartlett Pool
Ingrid Petrie Email
This two-hour event is a new and unique fundraiser for our team. All levels from lessons to platinum are invited to participate and support their team. Swimmers will be challenged to swim as many laps as they can in an hour. To support this effort, swimmers find sponsors who will offer an amount per lap, or an amount for completing an overall goal.

For every $50 raised, swimmers will earn a raffle ticket that can be used to win a $100 gift card to one of the following: Lululemon, Dave and Busters, Alaska Rock gym or Extreme Fun Center in Wasilla. Swimmers in each age group can also earn two additional raffle tickets for completing the most yards in an hour.

Swimmers will also earn 5 food tickets for every ten laps they swim which can be redeemed for food and beverages at the event. Lap counters and volunteers will also earn tickets and volunteer hours.

During the first hour of the event, swimmers will strive to meet their goal. During the second hour, swimmers will compete in a series of fun relays and water games.

Why do we do this? Funds raised during this and other fund raisers help to purchase training equipment, support coach/athlete travel to off the road system meets, support officials and expenses related to running meets and events, and to help keep dues costs down by helping with the variety of costs that are required to keep a swim team going.

So, please join in and support your swimmer and your team!
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