Our team is a non-profit organization and our success relies heavily on parent participation. Theteam is run by a volunteer board with practices designed and facilitated by paid coaching staff.


    Unlike other youth sports where generally a handful of people can run the team, a swim program simply cannot be run without parental help and participation, and lots of it! It takes a team to support a team as big as ours and parent participation is essential to run a high quality team.


    In order to equitably distribute the work load, HDST has a new mandatory* participation policy of 8 house per season (typically Sept. - May) for each family. Families who do not fulfill this requirement will be invoiced $10 per unfulfilled hour through their HDST account at the end of the season. (*See a board member if either the hours or money truly is a hardship as we do not want to exclude any child.)


    There are lots of visible and behind-the-scene volunteer tasks and contributions that make it possible to have a successful season. HDST families can volunteer for team events throughout the year (Time Trials, Swim Meets, etc) and/or sign up for a year long volunteer position. Jobs will vary in the amount of hours they accrue. Some will be hourly while seasonal positions will fulfill all your hours automatically. These year long positions are on-going and the board of HDST will provide guidance and suggestions.


Being a part of the Board automatically fulfills this requirement.


The Volunteer information will be posted on the bulletin board, TeamUnify website, and HDST Facebook Page.

If you would like to be more involved, email us! Or follow an appropriate link below for information on becoming an official:

Steps to Becoming an Official

USA Swimming: Officials

Utah Swimming Officials: Clinics


Volunteer Positions



Parent Meet Shift Volunteer Job Descriptions

Clerk of Course - Responsible for assembling the swimmers in accordance with the order of events; holding the swimmers ready on the deck, instructing the swimmers to wait behind or adjacent to the starting position until the Starter takes control of the race, and reporting to the Referee and Scorer the number of swimmers checked in but failing to report for each event. While the Clerk of Course can not speed up a meet, failure to provide a smooth, timely flow of swimmers can surely slow it down.

Clerk of Course helpers - Home meets. Assist the head clerk by organizing swimmers for events and escorting them to lanes.

Announcer – Home meets only. The announcer calls swimmers to the Clerk of Course and makes other announcements during the meet, as needed.

Head Timer – The Head Timer does not time a specific lane in the pool. The Head Timer will start 2 stop watches at the start of each race to hand off to any lane timer with a stopwatch malfunction. The Head Timer supervises the timers and is responsible for assembling them, assigning lanes, distributing watches, pencils, and clipboards, and conducting the timer’s briefing.

Timers – Home and away meets. Timers time swimmer races with a stop watch and record the times on the time card. Stopwatches are provided.

Runners – Home meets only. Runners pick up time cards from timers after each event, and DQ cards from strokes and turns judges, has DQ cards signed by referee, then takes all cards UP THE STAIRS to the Table Workers.

Computer Helper - Operates the computer during meets and assists with the on-deck set up and take down. 

Table Workers and Ribbons – Home meets. Table workers sort time cards in order of event and categorize, put DQ cards are put with proper time cards, and are given additional tasks by the Head Table Worker.  Ribbon worker assists with labeling and sorting/filing ribbons. 

Concessions – Home meets only. The concession workers set-up concessions and sell food during meets.

Certified Workers – Referees, Clerks of the Course, Starters, Strokes and Turns Judges, Head Table Workers all need to receive training and be USA Swim Team certified.

*We are always in need of certified workers.  All of these positions preferably need to receive training in the spring before the season starts but we will take what we can get. Please consider becoming certified in one of these positions. 

Leadership Roles


Treasurer - Manages the team finances, including budget prep and financial reporting. Maintains the Team checkbook. Reimburses funds spent by members and obtains petty cash for home swim meets. At year-end coordinate getting annual financials to HDST treasurer for tax return prep. Helpful to have a working knowledge of QuickBooks online.

Meet Director - Coordinates with Pool Management to set up home swim meets. Liaison between Referee, Computer Rep, Head Table, Head Clerk of Course, Volunteer Check-In, Announcer, Coaches, Concessions and Pool Manager throughout home meets. Responsible for maintaining meet schedule. Verifies all Parent Volunteers are in place before each meet half. Sets up and maintains audio equipment and starter. Solicits and organizes announcements to be made throughout the meet. Schedules swimmers to sing National Anthem at each home meet. Maintains appropriate number of working stopwatches and ensures they are transported to away meets. Ensures starter is in working order and charged prior to each meet and is transported to each away meet.

Concessions Chair - Responsible for purchasing all of the food to be sold at home meets, setting up the concessions area, creating list of food to sell / inventory, replenishing food/items as needed during the meet, cleaning up everything after each meet, and counting the money made at each meet. Needs find helpers and gather equipment needed (microwave, blender, etc.).

Check in Swimmers and Volunteers - Ensures all volunteer positions are covered for all meets. Makes request for volunteers if not all volunteer positions are filled for each meet. Arrives to pool by early to check in volunteers. Reports to Meet Director to let him/her know if all volunteers have checked in.

Swimboree Chair - Responsible for coordinating and planning the Swimboree. Additional parent volunteers can sign up to help with this event. Advertises the event to the swimmers, supplies event information to the parents of the participants, creates a sign up schedule for parents to count/supervise during the event, and collects the funds from swimmers.

Spiritwear Coordinator - Connects with the appropriate company to identify branded offerings for the swim team. Actively promotes team gear to the swim team families, and distributes the spiritwear.

Spirit Coordinator(s) - Sends out invitations for all team families via team website. Additional parent volunteers can sign up to help with events. Organizes refreshments and activities for the Kick Off Party. Organizes refreshments and activities for the End of Season Party. Coordinates with trophy vendor and coaches for purchase of team and special trophies.

Media Relations - Works with coach and board members to post monthly synopses for bulletin board. Assists head coach with positive public relations including meet results and photos published in newspaper. Prepares articles and press releases for publication in local newspaper, HDST’s facebook page, and on HDST’s website. Strives for adequate coverage by local news media to help promote public awareness and support of the swim team.


Bulletin Board - Keeps bulletin board up to date and in good condition. Once a month update board (check with coach / board members to see if anything specific info should be added that month). Displays permanent info as well as periodical news articles and swim meet info. Nutrition and stretching information, motivational saying, highlighting specific swimmers for the month (check with coach on what swimmer).


Volunteer Coordinator - Makes sure all volunteer positions are fulfilled and keeps track / monitors family volunteer hours.


*All volunteers are responsible for finding their own replacement if not able to fill a position.


*One Parent or guardian is required to help with a volunteer position at meets or events.