Welcome to Kodiak Kingfishers Swim Club!

Supporting your child in swimming can be a very rewarding experience. The more involved you are, the greater the benefits will be. You may soon find yourself cheering at competitions, timing during meets, or becoming a USA Swimming official. Whatever your role, your child’s experience has much to do with your positive support. Please ask questions of your coaches, board members and fellow parents. We are all working towards the same goal: to provide your child with the best possible experience in swimming.

Vision Statement

To inspire and enable our swimmers to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life.

Team Goals

1.   For the Swimmers: To support swimmers as they strive to reach their potential; to set and reach realistic goals; and to help them further develop their self-esteem and positive feelings about the sport of swimming and competition.

2.   For the Team: To promote good sportsmanship, team camaraderie, self-discipline, and physical fitness among the swimmers; promote competitive swimming as a major sport in Kodiak; and to place well in competition as a team.

3.   For the Families: To provide a family-oriented club experience where the parents can play an active role in their swimmer’s and the team’s activities and development.

4.   For the Community: To provide positive direction and a supervised recreational opportunity for Kodiak’s youth.

Kodiak Kingfishers Swim Club (KKF) exists, first and foremost, to provide a positive environment for our children’s growth in the sport of swimming. Competition plays an important part in that growth. Our goal is to develop our children’s abilities and self-confidence as swimmers and as team members. We want them to learn to enjoy and appreciate the sport of swimming and develop strong friendships.

KKF is a member of USA Swimming, Inc. (www.usaswimming.org) and Alaska Swimming (www.akswimming.org). These organizations are the governing bodies for our program along with the senior and age group swimming across the state and nation. They provide for fair, uniform competition for our swimmers. KKF is open to young people ages 5 to 18 who are interested in competitive swimming.