We are here to support your needs.

Contact coaches if your questions are related to workouts, swimmer expectations for meets, swimming events, goal setting, and other swimming related needs.

2018-2019 Coaching Staff

Head Coach          Maggie Rocheleau        539-2065          rocheleauak@gmail.com

Assistant Coach    Heather Hubert              486-2676          bluehole183@gci.net

Assistant Coach    Tianna Fraser                942-0352          tianna57@gmail.com

Assistant Coach    Naomi Beck-Goodell      654-4524          bnaomi02@gmail.com

Lessons Coach      Lissa Jensen                 435-919-6212   lissawjensen@gmail.com

For all questions related to meet administration or club administration, such as dues, safety, or policy issues, please contact one of the board members.

2018-2019 Board Members

President                         Robert Foy                      942-0657         foy.alaska@gmail.com                     

Vice-President                 Joe Robinson                  942-1222         joemax323@yahoo.com       

Secretary/Travel              Faith Flerchinger             512-7777         fflerchinger@gci.net

Treasurer                         Nicole Carver                  512-0668         gasrad@gmail.com

Fundraising                     Lindsey Glen                    942-1483         lindseyglenn1@gmail.com

Volunteer Coordinator     Sharon Fish                      942-1081         sbfish@ak.net

Registration                     Nicolette                           512-6580         nicki.100309@gmail.com     

Swim store                       Missy Yatsik (not on the board)

Meet Director                   Unfilled