Officials Training

Robert Foy

Dear Kodiak Kingfisher families,

We hope you are all as excited about our first swim meet weekend as we are! This email is to remind you of the upcoming officials training taking place at the Kodiak Library, on Saturday, December 8, at 1:00 pm following the meet. Since we will be going directly over from the meet, Bob and I will spring for some of those giant subway sandwiches. Please bring something to share with the group: fruit, chips, cookies ect. Please bring your own water bottle. Let’s keep it simple.

This season will see a change in our club. We have 8 of our long-term core volunteers leaving the club as their swimmer’s graduate or as we leave the island. Heather Preece, our starter and Pete Cummisky, Don and Susan Dumm our stroke and turn officials have all graciously agreed to give us one more season to train replacements. Bob and Sharon Fish, our computer and timing system operators would welcome your presence on deck this weekend to shadow them and see what they do. (They have the best seats in pool and an industrial sized fan to keep cool!) And as you know, our family (Foys) will be leaving the island this summer to move to Juneau. Bob is both the club president and our administrative official, and I am the referee. Since our experienced official Anne Marie Narog has graciously accepted the responsibility of referee, we will also need someone to step into her place as stroke and turn and alternate starter.

This stroke and turn official’s training is an essential first step to becoming a USA swimming official. Even if you eventually wish to be starter or referee you will need to begin with stroke and turn officiating since it is foundation for all that follows. We still lack someone to replace Bob as administrative official.

We are all grateful to have this last season as a transition period to pass on knowledge and ensure that our Kodiak swim family is prepared for our absence. Now is the time for our newer swim parents to take advantage of the opportunity to ensure the smooth transition of our program.

Thanks so much and good swimming.

Cathy and Bob Foy