Kachemak Swim Club Lessons

2019 Summer Swimming Lessons

Kachemak Swim School offers lessons for ages 4 and up

Monday through Thursday 35 min lessons


Session 1 June 3-13

Session 2 June 17-27

Session 3 July 8-18


Ages 4+ required for all lesson groups

 $100.00 per Session, Price includes Goggles and swim cap for each swimmer.


Tot Dock: This class requires no previous experience in the water.  Children will gain confidence to perform basic skills.

Level 1: floating on their stomach, back, blow bubbles underwater, streamline, flutter kick, and Jump in from the side of the pool.  

Level 2: Streamline jumps off of the bottom, Freestyle with bilateral breathing, backstroke, and breaststroke kick

Level 3:  Streamlining off of the wall, dolphin kick, breaststroke, bilateral side breathing on freestyle, open turns, dive from the block, and complete 12.5 yards of Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke.

Level 4: Butterfly, Breaststroke pulldowns, flipturns, understand breakout methodology, complete 25 yards of each stroke.

These classes are a fun and great way to introduce your child to swimming.

Questions please e-mail: kachemakswimclub@gmail.com, subject: Summer Lessons


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