Thursday last day to apply pleges to end of month prize

Jaime Roth

Hello KSC swimmers & families!

We have reached almost $5,000 towards our $18,000 Swim-a-Thon goal in just 18 days of fundraising!! Kudos to some of the top fundraisers out there (shout out to Sean, Carly, Laela, and Benjamin) along with all the other Kachemak swim team members reaching out to their family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses to encourage them to support our swim club. If you have yet to get an Swim-a-Thon Packet, ask your coach for it before or after practice.

Remember to bring your Swim-a-Thon pledge packets to swim practice on Mondays and Thursdays at 4 p.m. so we can keep track of our goal.

Anyone raising $400 (in cash, per lane pledges, and on-line pledges) by 30 MARCH 2023 gets a big bag of Goldbear Gummy Bears!! Just to satisfy your sweet tooth! Thursday is your last chance to turn in money to be applied to this $400. Gummi Bears can be claimed at practice next week!

Thank you, swimmers, for your incredible fundraising efforts and let’s keep the momentum going!

See you at the pool,

Your Friendly KSC Coaches