Congratulations to those swimmers who have raised at least $400 for KSC!

Kristin Fry

Who Wants Gummy Bears?

Apparently, Sean Johnson, Carly Nelson, Jeremiah Overdorf, Benjamin Overdorf, and Xander Roth did! These athletes were able to raise at least $400 by March 30th. That is quite the accomplishment. Their efforts helped start out this year's Swim-a-ThonTM fundraising event the right way!

On this last day of March, KSC has raised $5,785 of our $18,000 goal. Athletes will swim between 100 lengths to 200 lengths in 2 hours or less on Thursday, 20 April 2023.

Kachemak Swim club raised over $15,000 last year and we can easily reach our goal of $18,000 this year with a team effort. Raising this money supports your swim club! Swim-a-ThonTM participants can earn cool prizes from the USA Swimming Foundation and from KSC; plus, qualified teams are automatically entered into the USA Swim Swim-a-ThonTM contest where the team will have the opportunity to earn prize packages . . . one lucky team will win a visit from an Olympian! Every athlete makes a difference!

*Congratulations to our prize winners! You can pick-up your Gummy Bear prize at the pool before practice next week.