Aqua-Thon Coordinator
Colleen Carroll

In the Spring, KSC sponsors the annual Aqua-Thon, which is the largest and most important fundraiser for the swim club. This fundraiser directly supports the swimmers by providing travel assistance, scholarships, equipment, and supplementing other program fees. KSC has one of the lowest amounts for financial obligation at $150 ($75 for Kings) per swimmer.

All swimmers on the roster for two months or more during the swim season (September-May) participate in this fun, team-building fundraiser. Festive music and great team spirit prevail as the swimmers strive to swim the most lengths, with most levels swimming between 100 and 200 lengths of the pool. Pledges from sponsors are by lump sum or the number of lengths attained. Following the big swim, a buffet of pizzas, fruit, and other treats await the swimmers. Did I mention prizes? Yes, there are prizes too!

Aqua-Thon revenues will be allocated as follows:

  • The per-swimmer minimum and 50% of the amount by individual swimmers exceeding the minimum go into the General Fund to pay for equipment, pool time, and other operating expenses.
  • The other 50% of funds raised above the $150/swimmer obligation become part of that swimmer’s individual travel account, which may be used for championship meets in or out of Alaska.
  • Swimmers participating in the annual Aqua-thon will automatically retain funds in their individual travel accounts from one year to the next. Graduating seniors or swimmers leaving the club, who have residual individual travel funds, may request that they be transferred to a sibling. Otherwise, those funds will revert to the General Fund.


2022 Aqua-Thon Pledge Sheet

2022 Aqua-Thon Donor Receipt