How You Can Help Kachemak Swim Club

As a non-profit organization, we are very dependent upon the support of the community, business organizations, and especially you, the parents. We are very lucky to have a talented and diverse membership, and there are many ways that people can put their individual interests and expertise to work for our program. Everyone has something to offer, many hands make light work, and we appreciate your commitment to keep our swim club running smoothly.

As a parent driven organization, we rely on volunteerism. This gives you an opportunity to take a more active role in your child’s swimming. Let us know where your contribution and energy will be most helpful in maintaining a quality swim program for our kids and consider the different ways you can help out. Some jobs are simply for a day, while others take more time; all of these jobs are rewarding. You are a very important part of our team and any helping hand is greatly appreciated. Before swim meets, we will send out a request for the type of help we need. Be on the lookout for this so you can sign up for job. These are great opportunities to fulfill your volunteer hour requirement.

Each family is expected to contribute in some way, so please help us ensure that your volunteer time is an enjoyable experience. Families have a minimum of 20 volunteer hours per season (10 hours for a King swimmer). If you have not met your volunteer commitment hours by the end of the season, you will be expected to buy out your remaining hours at a rate of $15 for each unworked hour.

To ensure your volunteer efforts are properly recorded it will be the family’s responsibility to e-mail or contact the volunteer coordinator regarding the volunteer activity you participated in and also the time spent at the activity.



Time at a swim meet: Swim meets require a Head Timer along with at least 2 Timers per lane to ensure accurate time for races. Most pools have 6 or 8 lanes, so we need 12 or 16 volunteers to help out at every home or away swim meet. This job is easy and only requires the use of thumbs. It is much closer to the action of the swim meet and is often much more comfortable than sitting in the hot and humid bleachers. It also comes with the added perk of free food from the hospitality room.

Work Concessions/Hospitality: At every swim meet there is a concession stand and a room for all volunteers to eat and relax during breaks. We need a few people to help take money, distribute food, and keep all the food stocked. If you would rather enjoy the quiet, usually cooler atmosphere, a little way away from the pool, this job is for you.

Donate food for Concessions/Hospitality: Even if you can’t attend a swim meet, we can use your help collecting food donations. Both swimmers and fans get hungry during the meet, if you have a famous recipe or are making a Costco run the week before a swim meet, offer to pick something up. Proceeds from the concessions benefit the team.

Announcer: If public speaking is your thing, we could use your abilities at our swim meet. Having an announcer adds to the excitement of the swim meet and keeps the spectators informed. A coach or official will tell you what you are expected to say. It is also a good way to practice your stand-up comedy routine.

A Helping Hand Before and After: Before every swim meet we need help setting up timing equipment, moving chairs, making printouts, and readying the pool for the competition. This happens the night before our swim meet. If you can help the night before the meet, we would greatly appreciate it. After every swim meet we need help taking down timing equipment, moving chairs, and cleaning up the pool area. If you can help after the meet we would greatly appreciate it.



 *Board of Directors Member: Our swim club is run by a Parent Board. They keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. From ordering gear, organizing fund raisers, handling finances, and voting on decisions, you can be part of the team running the club. The board meets once a month, but duties often extend outside the meetings.

*Meet Director: Works with head coach to publish event list, procure AK Swimming sanctions, invite other clubs, and submit post-meet report to board and to AK Swimming. Also works with Meet Committee to ensure all volunteer positions are filled prior to the meet.

*Safety Officer/Meet Marshall: Required by USA Swimming, this position is responsible for incident reports, safety rules, and emergency procedures.

*Officials: For every race to be fair, there needs to be rules and officials to enforce those rules. It can be a tough job to disqualify swimmers for swimming incorrectly, but it is a crucial job for helping them learn and keeping the playing field level. Includes Head Referee, Starter, and at least 4 Stroke and Turn Judges. Head Referee also recruits and trains parents to be officials. You will learn more than you ever thought possible about swimming if you decide to become an official. You will be trained to do this job, so don’t worry if you don't know the rules yet.

*Computer Hy-Tek/Timing System Operators: This is a big job that requires more than one person but once you know the system it is not too complicated. This job involves working with the touch pads, starting system, and scoreboard so that swimmers’ times are accurately collected and displayed. This is a key job for making swim meets run smoothly. If you are handy with technology and work well under pressure, we could use your help with this!|

*Head Timer: Identifies 12 other timers and distributes stopwatches, clipboards, pencils and timers sheets.

*Hospitality Coordinator: Organizes food donations that feed meet volunteers. Works with other hospitality volunteers.

*Concessions Coordinator: Organizes food donations, then sells food and swim shop items during a meet. Works with other concession volunteers.

*Awards Coordinator: Responsible for maintaining stock of awards, ordering more as needed, and processing ribbons as results become available during the meet.

*Registration Coordinator: Ensures all families, coaches, officials and the club itself are properly registered with AK/USA Swimming. Also maintains distribution lists of active KSC swimmers.

*Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator: These volunteers work on developing fundraising opportunities for KSC, which may include: soliciting sponsorship from local businesses.

*Volunteer Coordinator: Advertises volunteer opportunities and recruits parents to fill voids, where help is needed. They also track family volunteer hours to ensure a 20 hour minimum commitment (10 hours for Novice swimmers).

*Aqua-Thon Coordinator: Enlists committee to help organize our biggest fundraising event of the year. Duties may include, ordering prizes, decorating bulletin boards, tallying pledges and helping with the overall organizing of the event. Plans event day as a celebration and coordinates with Treasurer to ensure accurate accounting.

*Hospitality: These volunteers assist in providing and organizing food and refreshments for KSC events to include: banquets, swim meets, team parties, Aqua-Thon.

*Public Relations: These volunteers assist in publicizing KSC as a club as well as the events we host. Specific duties may include: monthly e-newsletters, updating the KSC bulletin board, advertising in local newspapers, and attending local activity fairs on behalf of KSC.

*Spirit Committee: These volunteers assist and support our fabulous coaches in planning parties and activities for our swimmers. They may help with baking cupcakes, taking pictures, decorating for parties and helping with awards for various club activities.

*Team Newsletter/Swimmer of the Month Coordinator: Develops and distributes a periodical update with KSC news, swimmers of the month, and coach information.

Positions with * indicate jobs of sufficient commitment that 20 hour family minimum is automatically met so long as the job is satisfactorily completed.


If you have not completed a volunteer commitment form, you can find it HERE. Please fill it out and hand it in to Colleen Carroll or Kristin Fry.