Kachemak Swim Club Discipline Policy

Membership in Kachemak Swim Club is a privilege and swimmers and parents are expected to demonstrate leadership and behavior that furthers the KSC Swimmer Code of Conduct. The purpose of the KSC Discipline Policy is to set standards and expectations to create a safe and productive environment for athletes to learn and grow. KSC staff will act in the best interests of the swimmers and program in all behavior and potential discipline situations to determine the appropriate course of action based on the information available.

The discipline policy works closely in conjunction with more specific policy documents including:

  1. USA Swimming’s Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP)
  2. Swimmer Code of Conduct
  3. Parent Code of Conduct
  4. Coach Code of Conduct
  5. KSC Mission Statement

USA Swimming Safe Sport Model Policies and Guidelines will serve as KSC policy in all situations not covered by this document or above listed documents.

Team practice is a group activity and it is important that the coach’s time is not occupied with disruptive or insubordinate behavior. Reasons which would result in disciplinary action are defined as activity expressly forbidden in the Swimmer Code of Conduct. Violations of Kachemak Swim Club’s Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the team. Actions taken by the KSC coaching staff may include but are not limited to:

  1. Verbal reprimand: This is a verbal reprimand by coaching staff and restorative action by the swimmer. (i.e. apology to victim, repair of damage, and/or expulsion from that day’s activity for the remainder of the day.)
  2. Written warning: A written warning from coaching staff detailing the infraction and future consequences pertaining to continued occurrences.
  3. Suspension from club activities: Suspension will be from all club activities for an indeterminate time and a written warning from coaching staff detailing the infraction and future consequences pertaining to continued occurrences.
  4. Dismissal from club: Dismissal from all club activities for the season. A refund of all unused dues and a written warning from Head Coach detailing the infraction and any possible actions present and/or future that may be taken by the dismissed member and/or by the club.

Coaching staff is responsible for determining if the offense warrants moving the offending party to the next discipline level for evaluation. In all situations where the coaching staff is unsure, athlete should be placed in the next level for evaluation. Coaching staff is required to take action as quickly as reasonably possible and offending parties should be removed from the current practice or activity if there is a possibility of the offending action continuing. Suspensions or other loss of team privileges will be determined by Head Coach in conjunction with BOD and/or higher level enforcement agencies.