The coaching staff for North Pole Aquatic Club is dedicated to helping our swimmers not only be the best swimmers they can be, but the best people they can be as well. At some point, swimming will no longer a part of their lives, and our main purpose is to use competitive swimming as a vehicle to ensure that, when they are no longer competing, we have helped put them on the right path towards excellence in life.


We strive to provide an environment that fosters personal growth through dedication and commitment to the sport of competitive swimming. We encourage our athletes to pursue greatness in all they do, but most especially in personal relationships, academic success, and the self confidence that they can do whatever they want to as long as they are willing to put in the work.


We look at each swimmer individually, and understand that not everyone will reach the same level in this sport.. Whether a swimmer is successful at the local, state, regional, or national level, we want our swimmers to understand that as long as they have been honest with themselves about the work they have done and level of commitment they have, they will have learned more from this sport than they can comprehend.