Soldotna Silver Swim Team Code of Conduct



The purpose of this code is to express the expectation that all Soldotna Silver Salmon Swimmers will conduct themselves in a manner which reflects honorably on the sport of swimming, United States Swimming, Alaska Swimming and this Club and community.  Each coach and chaperone of the Soldotna Silver Salmon Swim Club is expected to set an example of conduct consistent with the spirit of this code:


For the safety and well-being of all members, Club members will:

  1. Attend scheduled workouts with a cooperative attitude and a willingness to work.
  2. Complete workouts without “horseplay” and/or harassment of other team members in the pool or locker room.
  3. Not possess or use, alcohol, tobacco, or other controlled substances (exclusive of prescription medication).
  4. Not participate in vandalism, theft or damage to private or public property.
  5. Refrain from fighting, disorderly conduct, cursing, name calling, abusive language, obscene gesture, and displays of temper.
  6. Display courteous and positive behavior.
  7. Support all team members with encouragement and enthusiasm.


Penalties of Enforcement:

1.Infraction of the code of conduct could result in one or more of the following suspensions at the discretion of the coaching staff.

a.Suspension from practice.

b.Suspension from all club activities.

c.Suspension from meets

d.Suspension from the Soldotna Silver Salmon Swim Club.

2.Reinstate after suspension from the club may only be made after a meeting between a board member, head coach, swimmer and the swimmer’s parent(s) or guardian(s).