USA Swimming takes all swimmer's times in the country and uses a "virtual swim meet" to assign a team ranking. We have narrowed those results into our Alaska Swim Ranking to see where we stack up against the other teams in the state. We will update the rankings often throughout the season. Congratulation Stingrays, keep up the great work!

2020-2021 State Top 10 Team Ranking

as of May 7, 2021

Short Course Yards (SCY)


Long Course Meters (LCM)



Past Seasons - Alaska Swim Ranking

Using a different ranking system, SwimCloud also ranks teams around the country. This ranking system in similar to how the NCAA ranks college basketball teams. College swim teams are also ranked using this system. Below are the current SwimCloud ranking of Alaska clubs. We will update this page often. Way to go SST!

Updated May 7, 2021

Women's Alaska Ranking Men's Alaska Ranking