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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join The Stingray Swim Team?

A: We typically hold one tryout per month where interested children/families can sign up. The tryout is to assess which group is best for the child to begin, or in some cases if more swim lessons are needed before joining the team. Our next monthly tryout can be found on our Events Page.


Q: What does my child need to do in order to make the team?

A: Your swimmer will need to swim a 25 yard freestyle and 25 yard backstroke without stopping to join the team. We will take it form there.


Q: What if my swimmer does not complete the tryout?

A: If your swimmer has swimming experience (prior swim lessons, can float on stomach and back, can put their face in the water, etc.) but didn't quite complete the tryout, they may be ready for our Copper Group. This group is a non-competitive group that receives instruction from our highly qualified coaches. They will learn the basics of competitive swimming as they prepare to move into the Bronze Group. The Copper Group meets twice per week and costs $38.50 per month. 


Q: When are practices?

A: Depending on your group, practices vary from twice per week to six times per week. The current practice schedule can be found HERE


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Bronze dues are $55 per month, Silver dues are $71.50 per month, Gold dues are $88 per month, Platinum dues are $104.50 per month, Junior dues are $121 per month, and Senior dues are $137.50 per month. There is also an annual USA Swimming Registration fee of $88. These dues allow us to reserve pool time, pay our staff, and continue to support our athletes. We are a non-profit organization, and all revenue goes back into the team.


Q: What if my swimmer is going to take a month off?

A: If your swimming is going to take a break, their monthly dues are greatly reduced to $27.50 per month. This is called a maintenance fee and allows our organization to continue during slower months such as through the summer.


Q: Is my swimmer ready for competition?

A: We have multiple meets throughout the year, and all members are welcome to participate. Please contact the coaching staff to find out if your swimmer is ready for competition and what events they should swim.


Q: How do I write my swimmer's events on their arm prior to a swim meet?

A: You can write your swimmer's events, heats, and lanes on their arm however you like, but we suggest this format:

E H L  
4 2 6 50 FL
6 2 4 50 BK
8 3 2 50 BR
11 3 1 100 IM


Q: How do I know my swimmer's event, heat, and lane when looking at the 'heat-lane report'?

A: Before each meet, we'll send out the 'heat-lane report'. This shows what events, heats, and lanes your swimmer is in. This is the information you'll write on their arm. The report looks like this, and here's the important information: