2018-2019 National and Zone Ranked Swims

Coach Josh Gregory
May 1, 2019

SST had two swims ranked in the top 100 in the nation this season! With 355,000 swimmers on 2,800 clubs across the country, being ranked in the top 100 is a big deal. Congratulations to

  • Zeke Rasmussen (ranked 55 in the country in the 200 fly)
  • Cooper Wentz (ranked 53 in the country in the 200 back) 

SST also had 13 individual swims and 23 relays ranked in the top 100 in the Western Zone. There are nearly 94,000 swimmers in the Western Zone which covers the western half of the United States. Congraultaions to:

  • Inidivual Swims in Zone Top 100
    • Cooper Wentz (200 back, 11)
    • Evie Rupp (100 fly, 83)
    • Jules Rupp (200 fly, 17)
    • Kyan Harnum (50 free, 98)
    • Logan Fox (1650 free, 89)
    • Meah McCallum (1000 free, 88)
    • Paetynn Conlon (200 breast, 23)
    • Patty Eppingher (200 breast, 86 and 100 breast, 75)
    • Heidi Billings (100 breast, 88)
    • Zeke Rasmussen (200 back, 15, 200 fly, 5, and 500 free, 49)

  • Swimmers on Zone Top 100 Relays
Cooper Wentz Liam Nichols Liam Jensen
Zeke Rasmussen Jules Rupp Lacey Demers
Aoife Nevins Paetynn Conlon Ainsely Persinger
Lena Rhynard Riley Holsapple Ida Bodony
Tim Greenwood Travis Chiu Fiona Secor
Evie Rupp Max Vollmer Ezrah Maio
Cassidy Welsh Hayden Rasmussen Lily Hsieh
Meah McCallum Gabe Brady Emma Henne
Brock Mills Mackenzie Albright Ryan Korhonen
Riley Gregor Ethan Keim Patrick McIntosh
Logan Fox Vincent Maio Daniel Kim
Heidi Billings Patty Eppingher Shannon McCallum
Victoria Schachle Juliette Benson Madison Hrinko
Aubrey Spillane Brandon Stockdill Kyan Harnum
Blaque Secor Ezra Billings Crieghton Beshears

To see the full list of SST top 100 swims, click HERE.