Patty Pool CLOSED - Updated 10/27 @ 9:45a

Coach Josh Gregory

Updated Oct. 27 @ 9:45a

The pool has been refilled! UAF will use this week to balance chemicals and temperature, with our expected return to practice as Monday, Nov. 2! That date is not firm yet as they get final approval from the plumbers, but that is the expectation. Thank you for your patience and understanding. More info to come this week.


Updated Oct. 23 @ 4:15p

Good news, UAF has confirmed they will be refilling the Patty Pool early next week! Once it is refilled, it will take about a week for them to balance the chemicals and temperature. They will let us know a firm reopen date next week, but we are looking at somewhere around Nov. 3rd. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Patty Pool Manager's message today:

Confirming, water going back in pool early next week. Once water is flowing I will be able to provide a better true opening timeline. 


Updated Oct. 20 @ 4:30p

Progress is being made at the Patty Pool. They are shooting to refill the pool early next week, which would put us back in the water early the following week (somewhere around Nov. 2-3). They are hopeful to not run into any further issues. We will keep you updated as soon as we know more.


Patty Pool Manager's email today:

Facility Services continues to be dedicated to finding the problem and a solution. I was in the pool area today with them. They seem to have isolated the problem to a certain stretch of pipe. There is a repair company working over the weekend to help with the solution. Either way, if they are successful or not, we should be adding water back to the pool early next week. If they can't actually fix it this weekend, one solution that is being discussed is to plug the drain, as we did in 2018. This would allow us to refill the pool before the full repair is complete. We would then line up contractors for a scheduled closure later in the season.
Thanks for joining me on this rollercoaster of a pool repair. Give an air high-five to a plumber the next time you see one.
Obviously, things could change again, but that is our plan which isn't too bad in my opinion. It is about a week after filling the pool to balance chemicals.


Updated Oct. 19 @ 2:15p

More issues were found as UAF investigates the maintenance problems at Patty Pool. Practice remains canceled until further notice. We will restart our Zoom group meetings, more info can be found HERE. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Patty Pool Manager's update today:

"Monday update for the pool is less than ideal. The suspected leak culpert is not the cause. They are continuing to look for the source of the issues today. 'It will be awhile' is the best I have for a timeline right now. Sorry I couldn't start the week off wth a better story for you."


Updated Oct. 16 @ 1:00p

Today's update sounds a bit more positive. Pool space at other locations is still TBD as we continue to work with the Borough. Indoor dryland space is also TBD but we are actively working on a solution. We will restart our Zoom meetings and workouts beginning Monday. More info on that coming soon. Thank you for your continued support, patience, and understanding.


Patty Pool Manager's update today: 

"They were cutting the hole this morning...should be able to see the problem clearly today. Then decide on a final repair, find the part. That is maintenance's concern, finding the replacement pieces... No real news, nothing firm. Folks are sounding optimistic."


Update Oct. 15 @ 2:40p

The Patty Pool Manager updated us today; they have found the issue and are beginning work asap. They do not have a timeline yet for reopening. The Borough pools are full but they (and we) are looking into other options. We are actively looking for indoor dryland space and also plan to restart our Zoom meetings. We will send information as it becomes available. We understand this is a difficult time, but know we are actively looking for solutions. Please stay tuned, and thank you for your patience and understanding.


Patty Pool Manager's Update Today: 

"Facility Services crew were able to put a camera snake down the pool drain yesterday. They found a pipe joint in the pool main drain had separated. It is my understanding that the joint is located under the mechanical room floor.
A contractor has been hired and will start work today to repair this issue.
Timeline? No idea...but having contractors already hired is a huge step.
Thanks for your patience and understanding."


Update Oct. 14 @ 10:30a

The Patty Pool Manager updated us this morning. They have completely drained the pool and are investigating the issues. The flooding in the mechanical room was chlorinated, meaning it came from the pool water. They believe it came from a burst underground pipe. If that is true, it will require more work/time to fix as they will need to jackhammer concrete to access the pipe. They will continue to send us updates as they become available. 

We are looking into alternative options while we wait for Patty Pool to reopen. We have contacted other pool managers asking for pool space, are looking into indoor dryland options, and we have a meeting tomorrow to discuss plans. Thank you for your patience and understanding...we'll figure this out. We will continue to post updates on this new thread. 


Original Message - Oct. 13:

Hello Stingrays, 

We received a message from the UAF Patty Pool Manager today at 2:30p describing maintenance issues that require closing and draining the pool. Practice is canceled until further notice. UAF will inform us of any changes, and we will keep you updated as soon as we know more. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Message from UAF Pool Manager today: 

"Bad news, we have a flood in the mech room at Patty Center. The cause is unknown. Facilities is draining the pool right now. Our pool is closed until further notice. We should have a better idea of the problem by the end of the week. Sorry!"