SST Schedule & Travel Restrictions

Coach Josh Gregory

Hello SST and Masters, we have a few updates to share. Please read.

  1. The SST schedule will be changing on Nov. 23, and there are some exceptions/changes on Nov. 20-29. Please find all schedule information HERE. Masters, please contact Coach Kristina for your schedule.
  2. In the interest of public safety and to mitigate risk on our team, all team members and families are asked to follow these Covid mitigation guidelines as determined by the Board.
    1. Travel Requirements: All team members are to follow the State guidelines regarding interstate travel found HERE. Team members are to quarantine from all SST activities for a minimum of 5 days, be tested for Covid on/after the 5th day, and remain in quarantine from all SST activities until receiving a negative Covid test result. This also is in effect when a family members travels, unless the team member can completely isolate themselves from the traveling family member until a negative Covid test result is received. If you are in that situation, please contact Coach Josh as these will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Whether a team member or family member travels, you may choose to quarantine from all SST activities for 14 days instead of being tested, per State mandates. More info can be found HERE
    2. SST collegiate swimmers who are returning for the holiday break(s) will train with the Masters team. This is to allow extensive social distancing and not burden lane space/Covid mitigation within the Age Group team. More information will be given to those affected swimmers. These swimmers must also meet the travel requirements listed above.
    3. All team members, coaches, and families will continue to strictly abide by all Covid mitigations. Social distance, hand washing, and masks are still in effect and strictly enforced. Parents who wish to watch practice may do so from the on-deck bleachers as the UAF balcony has been closed. Parents must wear a mask at all times and maintain proper social distance. Spectators please wait in the hallway unless all swimmers are in the water. Spectators are allowed but not encouraged. Thank you for your understanding.
    4. As always, if a swimmer feels ill for ANY reason, please stay home. 

Thank you for helping us keep our community safe, and to keep our team moving forward. A single case on the team will require a temporary shut down, and we are doing everything we can to avoid interruptions in your swimming. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Head Coach Josh Gregory ([email protected]) or Board President Carl Benson ([email protected]). GO SST!