June Reminders/Updates

Coach Josh Gregory

Good Morning Stingrays,

A few reminders/updates as we near the end of June:

  1. Our annual Swim-a-Thon fundraiser is in full swing. The actual Swim-a-Thon event is next Wednesday, June 29. Junior – National Groups will complete their laps during the morning session (8:00-10:00a) while Copper – Platinum Groups will swim their laps during the afternoon session (4:00-6:00p). Fundraising will continue through July 15, so please continue to solicit donations and help the team reach our goal of $20,000 raised. More detail:

    1. Your Swim-a-Thon Dashboard can be found HERE.

      1. Feel free to personalize your dashboard and solicit family/friends

    2. Each swimmer has a minimum fundraising obligation of $100

      1. Swimmers who do not raise the minimum $100 by July 15 will have the balance added to their account

    3. During the swim event, swimmers will complete as many laps as they can in two hours, up to 100 laps. They may take breaks, and they are not required to swim a certain number of laps…just as many as they can. Coaches will talk with swimmers about a goal number of laps and/or time in the water…ie: Copper will not be expected to swim for two hours ;)

    4. Once swimmers finish their swim, they may enjoy food, socializing, outdoor time, etc. This is designed to be a fun, stress-free event where we get together, achieve some goals, and raise needed funds to support the team

    5. We will need volunteers during both morning and afternoon sessions. For more information on volunteering, please click HERE.

  2. Our next swim meet will be hosted by SST and located at the UAF Patty Pool. Older swimmers will race on July 8-9 in the afternoons. Younger swimmers will race on July 9 in the morning. There are separate sign ups for each. High school age swimmers please sign up HERE, while those younger than high school sign up HERE. The July 9 morning session is also available for our Copper swimmers. Volunteer signups will be available soon.

  3. We are hosting a Fitter & Faster Swim Camp at the Patty Pool July 10-13 (13&Older) and July 14-16 (12&Younger). This is always an awesome event that you won’t want to miss. Signups, itineraries, and curriculum information can be found HERE. This event is designed for Bronze Group and above. If you are unsure if this camp is a good fit, please talk with your coach.

  4. We will have a ‘New Parent 101’ zoom meeting on Tuesday, June 28 at 7:00p. Coach Josh will run this town-hall-style meeting which will consist of an open floor, Q&A, how to get the most out of the swim team experience session. To access the zoom link, please click HERE

That's all for now, but please reach out if you have questions. Thank you, GO SST!