Dues and Fees

Copper - $35 per month

Bronze - $50 per month

Silver - $65 per month

Gold - $80 per month

Platinum - $95 per month

Junior - $110 per month

Senior - $125 per month


$25 Maintenance Fee:  For any month your swimmer is not in the water. Please notify the head coach ([email protected]) prior to the 1st of the month in which your swimmer will be out of the water, otherwise the Treasurer will charge you a full month's dues.

Additional Fees and Costs

USA Swimming Registration:  $85/annually (must be paid prior to swimming with the team). This is paid during the team online registration. Copper has a reduced 'flex' membership of $20/annually. Once a swimmer moves to Bronze, their $20 get applied to their 'full' membership. All swimmers in the country are required to have a USA Swimming membership which covers them on insurance.

For each meet which a swimmer signs up, there are meet entry fees, typically between $20 and $35, which must be paid regardless of whether the swimmer actually competes (championship meets are typically around $50).  Swimmers will also need swimsuits, goggles, caps, sandals, etc. which may be purchased in our team store.


We utilize our online billing system for all payments. This is set up during the online registration process. If you have billing questions, please contact our treasurer, Catharine Persinger, at [email protected]