Schedule Changes (that differ from below normal schedule)

  • FRIDAY, JAN. 27 & SATURDAY, JAN. 28 - NO JR/SR PRACTICE (due to Sr Champ Meet)

Please call us at 907-378-6362 to schedule a tryout, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information.


Winter/Spring Practice Schedule

*January 9 - April 30

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Patty Pool Locker Room Closures

From time to time, the Patty Pool locker rooms are closed. This may happen due to a UAF Volleyball or Basketball game, general maintenance, or other reasons. When the locker rooms are closed, our swimmers may 1) arrive to and leave from practice with their suits on, or 2) use the ADA restroom in the waiting lobby just off deck. In the case of the ADA restroom, we will alternate genders and manage logistics. In either case, swimmers will shower before practice using the on deck shower. They may also shower after practice using the on deck shower (obviously suits must stay on). Thank you for your understanding. Below are the current dates of Patty Pool locker room closures:

Sep. 1 Oct. 1 Nov. 3 Dec. 1 Jan. 7 Feb. 2
Sep. 2 Oct. 13 Nov. 5 Dec. 3 Jan. 12 Feb. 4
Sep. 3 Oct. 15 Nov. 25 Dec. 9 Jan. 14 Feb. 5
Sep. 8 Oct. 28 Nov. 26 Dec. 10 Jan. 26 Feb. 16
Sep. 10 Oct. 29 Nov. 28 Dec. 16 Jan. 28 Feb. 18
Sep. 22     Dec. 17    
Sep. 24