The Team

Wasilla Waves Swim Club is a local, non-profit, swim club for youth ages 5 through 18. We coach for competitive swimming while promoting the development of good sportsmanship, individual integrity, and lifelong healthy habits.

We practice year-round at Wasilla Public Pool located in the South Parking Lot of Wasilla High School. 

During the school year, our practice takes place in the afternoon after school. In the summer and over school breaks we practice in the morning. 


WWSC Coaches:

Head Coach Christine Morgan
Coach Chris Morgan is the head coach of the Wasilla Waves. She got her start in coaching down in Florida, but has called Alaska home for quite some time. You can find Coach Chris enjoying the outdoors and spending time with her family when she’s not on deck working with her swimmers. 

Under Coach Chris Morgan, the Wasilla Waves has grown from just about 30 swimmers to nearly 70, and are making great accomplishments  in Alaska Swimming. Her favorite stroke to coach is the 500 Freestyle!



Assistant Coaches:

Anna Stout
Favorite Stroke: Backstroke

Coach Anna grew up in a small Alaska town and initially began swimming for water safety and to keep busy in the winter months! She joined her first swim team when she was 6 and didn’t stop until a few months before high school graduation. During that time, she swam on three different teams- all in Alaska- preferring distance swimming than sprinting.. Anna became a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor in high school and began coaching after she turned 18. All of that combined means she has spent a good portion of her life at a pool, and she still loves it!

A water lover through and through, her favorite Alaska activity is whale watching. When she’s not coaching, she loves spending time cooking, baking, decorating her house, camping, berry picking, and caroling.

Fun fact: Anna has coached a lot of our swimmers from their very beginning days in lessons at the Wasilla pool and coaches alongside coaches that coached her!


Kaitlin Dault
Favorite Stroke: Breaststroke

A true local, Coach Kaitlin began her swim journey at the Wasilla pool, and after lessons, she joined the Wasilla Waves herself! She began her coaching career in Fairbanks with MSST, but has been coaching for the Waves since 2015. 

Her favorite thing about coaching is ​​her swimmers! She loves watching that “lightbulb” moment when the swimmer understands and everything clicks! She loves watching her swimmers grow, become stronger and faster, and turn into amazing humans.

When she’s not coaching, Kaitlin  loves to travel and explore new places, lift weights, craft, swim, and enjoy local brews. She is also a lifelong learner and is about to start her 4th degree! 

Kaitlin’s favorite way to enjoy Alaska is snowmachining in the winter and enjoying the sunshine in the summer!


Gina Carlson
Favorite Stroke: Breaststroke

After taking lessons at the Wasilla pool, Coach Gina joined the swim team. Once Gina was old enough, she became a Junior Coach for the team. Always a smiling, encouraging face to her teammates and students, Gina is a positive force on the team. 

Her favorite thing about coaching is watching her swimmers master skills they’ve been working on. To witness their “lightbulb” moments. When she’s not at the pool, Gina  loves to read, write, paint, and dabble in Alaska outdoorsy stuff like backpacking!

Her favorite swim team memory is competing in a 200 Medley race that was particularly challenging. She was able to push past the mental block and let her body do what it had been trained to do. It was one of her proudest moments.


Where We Practice