Volunteerism is integral to the success of our club. Please consider how you can use your strengths and skills to help. Your participation is necessary to ensure the continued success of the team.


Volunteer Service Positions

There are a variety of volunteer positions available throughout the year.  Some of these positions are ongoing (board of directors), while others are oriented around a specific function or event (socials, swim meets, fundraisers).  It takes many volunteer hours, and every parent, to make WWSC the successful youth organization it has become.  


Swim Meet Related Positions – Swim meets require the greatest amount of volunteer help.  If your swimmer is participating in a Wasilla Waves Swim Club or Central Area Swimming hosted competition, you are obligated to help.  You can commit for a volunteer position, while registering your child(ren), by clicking the “Job Signup” button on the meet’s information page.

Swim meet related jobs include:
  • Concessions and hospitality workers.
  • Concession and hospitality food donations.
  • Timing - no training required, sit in a timing chair and press buttons, then record times on timing sheets.
  • Officiating – train with local official trainers to become Stroke & Turn Officials and work at WWSC/Central Area meets.  Officials are required to ensure a level playing field and that swimmers adhere to the rules set forth by USA Swimming.
  • Computer operator – set up, test, and run the timing system during the meet
  • Awards - placing labels on medals/ribbons, then sorting
  • Facility assistance - helping set up/take down​


WWSC and Alaska Swimming sponsor periodic clinics to certify officials, and we encourage our parents to attend these clinics. Levels of certification include timer, place judge, stroke and turn judge, starter, and referee. With the number of meets each year and the quality of competition at these meets, it is essential to have a large contingent of qualified officials.

Special Events  – Special events include socials and fundraisers.  Coordinators work with the Board to arrange and organize these events. 

Fundraisers include:
  • Swim-A-Thon
  • Raffle Contests
  • Spring/Fall fundraising
Socials include:
  • Holiday Party in the Winter
  • Summer BBQ