WWSC Practice Group Objectives

Wasilla Waves Swim club is organized into five different practice groups ranging from our most novice swimmers to our most advanced and experienced. These groups are put together based on a combination of specific performance, technique, practice, and soft skill elements. However, as there is always the factor of the individual and the head coach and coaching staff has the final and ultimate decision to move a swimmer up or to keep them in their existing practice group.

Competition is not required, but strongly encouraged.  It plays a large role in how the groups practiced and training are developed and executed, especially in our top 3 groups.  It additionally it is used to shape the guidelines for the skills, fundamentals, and training taught by coaches in the younger groups.

To Join Wasilla Waves: Ages 5 to 18 years old

Minimum Performance requirements:

•Able to swim 50 meters (two lengths) freestyle and 50 meters (two lengths) backstroke, Able to swim 25 m (one length) breaststroke

•15m Butterfly (half length).

•All performance requirements should be completed unassisted and without stopping on the side or touching the bottom.

•If coming from Red Cross lessons, proficient passing of level 5 skills is preferred. 

Additional requirements:

•Must be comfortable in the shallow and deep water

•Must be able to listen to and follow coach’s directions without distracting teammates or coaches.


Start up Costs:

            $25 WWSC Member Registration

            $81 USA Swimming Annual Registration (once per year)

            $74-$134 Practice Group Monthly Dues (Due at the start of each month, depends on practice group).

These dues primarily cover the cost to rent pool space and time, coaches wages, and other basic operating costs.

Meet fees are separate and sent out with individual meet information. A break down of standard waves meet fees can be found in WWSC P&P.