Master's Swimming is currently unavailable



Wasilla Waves has added a Master's Practice Group to our club. 

Master's simply indicates this group is for swimmers 18 years and older. 

All abilities are welcome, but we do have minimal skill requirements. 

Below is our general information about this practice group. 

Click Here to be redirected to the USMS online registration.

WWSC Master’s Practice Group 

General Information

  Minimum Requirements:

  •   Must meet same basic requirements to be on the team as 18 and under swimmers:

  • Minimum Performance requirements:

    • Able to swim 25 meters (one length) freestyle and 25 meters (one length) backstroke, unassisted and without stopping to rest or touching the bottom  

  • Additional requirements:

    •   Must be 18 years or older

    •  Must be comfortable in the shallow and deep water

    •  Must be able to listen to and follow simple directions without distracting teammates or coaches.

  • Group Objectives and Expectations:

    o   Objective: The Masters Workout Group is designed to provide the 18+ year old swimmer with fundamental skill development, aerobic training and endurance, increased stroke efficiency, team support and atmosphere, and quality coaching.

  • Practice Schedule:    

  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:30am to 6:30am 

  •  This is designed to utilize our available lane space on those days. If and when the Master program outgrows its available time, space, and coaching availability we will look into expanding into additional morning or evening spaces. If you chose to stay in after our practice ends you will need to pay for lap swim as our Member fees only cover pool usages expenses during our designated practice time.


  USMS registration: approximately ~$40/ calendar year

§  USMS, all Alaska Masters swimmers register with AKSM, then may also note their affiliation with Wasilla Waves Swim Club by adding "AKSM -WWSC" to their club registration

§  You may also register with USA swimming if you’d prefer.

§  What’s the difference between USMS, and USA registration? See information at the end of this document.

o   Waves Masters Monthly Dues: $65/ month

§  Even if a master’s swimmer is unable to make all practice available to them, full months dues are still required.

§  Monthly dues are due by the 25th of the preceding month

  Wasilla Waves Membership Fee: $25

§  This is a 1 time only fee to cover administrative paperwork.

What’s the difference between USA Registration and USMS Registration?

o   USA registration is ~$75year and allows a swimmer to participate in a USA sanctioned swim meet and provides the same benefits for all its swimmers 18 years and under and 18 years and older.

o   USMS registration is ~$40/ calendar year and benefits of Membership include a subscription to USMS’s magazine, SWIMMER, during the length of the membership year

o   USMS Registered swimmers are covered with secondary accident insurance:

o   in practices supervised by a USMS member or USA Swimming certified coach where all swimmers are USMS registered.

o   in USMS sanctioned meets where all competitors are USMS registered.