Our club has been serving the Alameda community for over 30 years. We are a USA Swimming year-round comprehensive swim team offering stroke instruction and competitive training to swimmers of all ages and abilities.

In order to be accepted for membership, swimmers must be able to swim one full lap of the 25 yard pool non-stop, unassisted. (Dog paddle is fine!) Acceptance is at the discretion of the coach after a tryout period. Once accepted, the swimmer is encouraged to attend workouts regularly. Workouts are held twelve months of the year. The exact hours and locations of practice for each group depend on the season and pool availability.

The Gator Swim Team prides itself on maintaining a fun and competitive atmosphere. We encourage all swimmers to perform at their optimal level, while we cultivate the most talented to exceed their expectations. Although we are a competitive swim team, the Gators never turn down any interested swimmers based on their skill level, nor do we seek out the most talented from other swim teams. We have instructed, coached and trained, all of our swimmers. (Click here for our Mission Statement and more details on our team philosophy.)

The Alameda Swimming Pool Association (ASPA) sponsors our team. This offers us a unique ability to offer professional coaching at prices that are very reasonable. This symbiotic relationship provides a continuous direction for aquatic training, organizational cohesiveness and financial stability.  Our goal is to have everyone enjoying competitive swimming as much as we do. 

For the convenience of our club members, we use pool sites in Alameda. They are Franklin and Lincoln Park training pools, Emma Hood Swim Center competitive pool and Encinal High School pool.  (Our "Swim Groups" page shows the practice locations of each specific level/group.) Tables and BBQ’s are available free of charge at Franklin and Lincoln pools, for family use while swimmers are practicing.

Information on the costs of participation are available on our Fees page.