Competitive (Year-Round) Team Fees

Annual Fees (paid at time of registration)

  • Annual Family Membership fee - $200 per family. (Family membership fees are used for pool rental, pool supplies and all other team expenses outside of coaches' salaries)
  • Pacific Swimming/USA Swimming membership - $84/year, per swimmer.  (Required for all team members; provides swimming-specific insurance.)

Monthly Coaching Fees (billed on the first of each month)

  • Copper - $162.00
  • Nickel - $168.00
  • Steel - $174.00
  • Bronze - $180.00
  • Silver - $192.00
  • Gold - $198.00
  • Pre-Senior - $210.00
  • Senior - $216.00
  • Elite Senior - $258.00 

Monthly fees are due no later than the 10th of the month and are paid by Credit/Debit Card, through the team website. 

Sibling Discount:  Families with more than one registered athlete on the year-round team pay the full monthly coaching rate for their first swimmer. Monthly fees for siblings are discounted at the following rates:
  • Swimmer 2 - 25% discount 
  • Swimmer 3 - 50% discount
  • Swimmer 4 (and over) - 75% discount
ASPA Discount:  Current members of the Alameda Swimming Pool Association (ASPA) receive a $10/mo. discount on coaching fees for their first active swimmer.
Official's Discount:  Families of trained/carded USA Swimming officials who work at Zone 2 meets on behalf of the Gators receive significant benefits (annual value estimated up to $1100-1500):

1.      After working 3 days at meets as an official each season (these may be shadow and training days, before becoming officially carded).  

  • Refunded Family Membership fee
  • Refunded Pacific Swimming Registration Fee 
  • 50% off monthly coaching fees for the first swimmer in the family each month worked after the 3 day threshold is reached for that month (funds to be refunded at the end of the season.) 

2.      Upon becoming carded: $200 uniform allowance  

3.      Perks at meets: 

  • Reserved parking at meets, close to the facility.   
  • Breakfast, lunch, and snacks 
  • Bonus:  Many teams give gift cards or other as thank you gifts for officials.     

Volunteer requirements:  All Competitive Team families are required to serve a minimum of 12 hours/year helping with team tasks and events. Any unfulfilled volunteer hours will be charged at a rate of $50/hr at the completion of the season, or when the swimmer leaves the team (if before the end of the season). There will be a NO SHOW penalty of $100 if families sign up for a volunteer shift of any type and do not show.  

Fundraising requirements:  Each family on the Competitive Team is required to raise or contribute a minimum of $50 per family toward team fundraising. The team hosts one major fundraiser per year which is the Freeze-a-Gator swimathon each winter.

See the Handbook section of our website for additional details, policies and procedures regarding fees, billing & payments, volunteer requirements and fundraising requirements.

Roan Kees Scholarship

The Alameda Gators coaches and parent board and the Alameda Swimming Pool Association are pleased to announce the availability of scholarships for team members to honor the memory of Roan Kees, an Alameda parent of four.  Roan was actively involved in many youth sports activities and is remembered by many as teaching swimming through the Kinder Swim program at Franklin Pool. 

Full or partial scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of the coaches based on the following characteristics demonstrated by the swimmer that honor the values that Roan modeled for her own children and the youth of Alameda.  

  • Positive attitude:  Selected swimmers will consistently demonstrate a positive attitude towards their teammates and coaches.
  • Fun:  Roan always said "It isn't worth doing if you're not having fun."
  • Effort:  Roan always expected her own children to try their best at every practice or competition and expected the same of the kids she coached.
  • Leadership:  Roan wanted her children to help lead and encourage others to do their best and have fun, just as she expected from them. She taught them to model these values through their behavior, the effort they made at practices, as well as through their words of encouragement to others.
  • Academics: Student athletes should demonstrate a balanced focus on school and swimming through good grades and academic achievement.
  • Active and involved parents:  Parents of scholarship recipients should be actively involved and volunteering consistently for team events and activities.  
  • Financial need: Scholarships will be awarded to swimmers for whom the swimming fees present a financial hardship

For more information about the available scholarships and to apply, please contact Board Chair Bryan Graham at [email protected].