MISSION STATEMENT:  The Alameda Gators Swim Team exist to develop the overall character, discipline in technical skills, and desire needed for each individual to maximize their potential. When a swimmer becomes a member of the Gators, they learn the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. Alameda Gators swimming provides physical, emotional and intellectual development that lasts a lifetime.

Fulfilling this mission requires a positive culture and a safe environment for all swimmers.  Each parent, coach, official, and volunteer has a responsibility to protect our sport and our athletes from physical and emotional harm.

PHILOSOPHY:  Our philosophy is to develop each swimmer to his or her greatest potential. The coaching staff strives to teach, train, and motivate swimmers to achieve their personal best. We believe that their swimming experience will help them as they become young adults in today’s society.  The development of healthy habits and a positive self-image are an important goal of our team. 

The Gator program works to instill in swimmers and understanding of and an appreciation for:

  • Goal setting
  • Goal achievement
  • Personal, self-motivation
  • Team spirit
  • Cooperation
  • Time management
  • Mental toughness

We believe the work and effort put toward achieving a goal is as significant as reaching the achievement itself. Our balanced coaching staff supports the development of the whole child.  We expect these priorities from our swimmers:

  • Academic excellence
  • Dedicated swimming
  • A wholesome social life

Organization and discipline are needed to succeed in today’s society. If the priorities listed above are distorted, a young person will not reach his/her full potential. With an organized life, we believe that swimmers can excel in academics, explore their swimming potential, and enjoy a wholesome, healthy life.  Through swimming, our children can learn to be healthy, productive adults.  This end result is as important as training young swimmers to reach for the Olympic Trials or Nationals. Our policies and practices reflect these goals.