COVID-19 Guidelines for Alameda Gators

Updated as of 11/17/2021

The health and safety of our members and the community is a priority for our team. It is the responsibility of all us to work together to keep kids in school and the pool, and reduce community spread of COVID-19.

Gators follow public health guidance in a multi-layered approach regarding vaccination, masking, testing, distancing, and quarantining. We recognize that some members of our community need extra layers of protection and/or are unable to be vaccinated. We will work with members, and where possible, identify appropriate modifications and alterations that will not increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure for our swimmers and staff.

Any swimmers or staff who are feeling ill should stay home and get PCR tested. Anyone who has tested positive for COVID must remain home on isolation for 10 days. Please notify your coach as soon as possible so our staff can assess any exposure risk to fellow teammates and send out exposure notifications to those involved.

Changing rooms are closed until further notice, swimmers must arrive and depart in swim gear.

Required by all on deck, regardless of vaccination status. Swimmers can remove their mask while in the pool.

Vaccinations and Testing
COVID vaccination is strongly encouraged for all eligible adults and youth.

  • Weekly PCR testing for unvaccinated swimmers is strongly encouraged and at some point may become mandatory.
  • Testing is not required for fully vaccinated asymptomatic people or those who have tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days.
  • Home / self-testing is not accepted.

Quarantine after exposure

Fully Vaccinated:  you do not need to quarantine after exposure if you are fully vaccinated and remain asymptomatic. PCR test is recommended on day 5 or after post-exposure.​


  • School exposures (modified quarantine): Alameda Unified School District is participating in modified quarantine for any on-campus, supervised, fully masked exposures of unvaccinated students. If you have been notified by your swimmer’s school that your swimmer has been placed on modified quarantine, your swimmer is not allowed at practice until they have been released from modified quarantine and have had a negative PCR test on or after day 5 post-exposure. Siblings of modified quarantine students may continue to attend practice unless the swimmer on modified quarantine converts to COVID+ test or develops symptoms.
  • Home or community exposure to a known COVID+ person: COVID exposures outside of school do not qualify for modified quarantine and must stay home:
    • No COVID testing: must stay home for 10 days after last date of exposure
    • With COVID testing: must stay home for 7 days if tested on or after 5 days from exposure and COVID test is negative.

Thank you for helping keep our Swim club safe!

Additional COVID Resources

CDPH COVID-19 Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California, 2021-2022 School Year



CDPH Dos and Donts

Alameda County Department of Public Health COVID page 

Alameda Unified School District COVID protocols 

For the safety of the team, if we find out that someone didn't comply with the safety protocols we will be forced to suspend you from the program indefinitely.

Facility Considerations

Parents are permitted to watch practice from outside the fence line.

Mitigating Hazards

The coach and facility director have eliminated the use of low ventilation spaces and rooms that prevent social distancing. Locker rooms and Dryland areas will not be used. Locker rooms may be used to go to the bathroom but only one athlete at a time and coach will wipe down all areas used with a disinfectant wipe.

The Facility will increase water sanitation levels. Chlorine levels are suggested at 2.0 ppm.

The coach will create visible markers on the pool deck to indicate appropriate spacing.

The coach will ensure athletes maintain 6 ft. distance guidelines both entering the pool and exiting the pool.

The coach will make sure one group has cleared the pool and any compromised surfaces have been wiped down before the next training group may come into the facility.

Any use of restrooms during practice will require a coach to wipe down the compromised surfaces with a disinfectant prior to any other usage.

Prior to the first practice, facilities will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes. A thermometer, packages of wipes, and tape will be on site for coaches to use to maintain cleanliness and social distancing.

Safe Practices PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

If an athlete is sick, feeling sick, has a cough, has a cold, or is running a temperature they need to focus on being healthy for 14 days and will not be allowed into the pool. Parents should monitor their athletes and keep them home from practice if athletes are exhibiting symptoms or feeling unwell.

Any athletes who have issues with coughing/sneezing excessively during practice will be excused from the pool area until the issue subsides.

All athletes will be expected to come to the pool in their suit and leave the pool in their suit. The locker rooms and showers will not be available.

Any athlete/person entering the facility will be expected to wear a face mask throughout the entirety of their practice unless they are fully vaccinated or in the pool.

The coach or a parent volunteer will help control the flow of athletes into and out of the pool to maintain safe social distancing.

The coach will be responsible for maintaining the 6 ft. gap between all athletes before, during and after practice.

All coaches will have their temperature taken every other day and will be required to wear face masks at all times unless fully vaccinated.


The team will have an assigned person to handle the communication to all parents regarding the requirements, guidelines, and standards for the re-opening plan and covid-19 related questions or issues.

In communicating the requirements, guidelines and standards parents will also be advised on safety expectations, drop off and pick up patterns, as well as spacing while entering and exiting the facility.

Any athletes contracting Covid-19 or suspected of contracting it will need a doctor’s note to clear them for training and must be symptom free for 14 days before returning to practice.

It will be made clear to all athletes there is no penalty for missing practices if the athlete or any member of their family is presenting symptoms, or if they have come in contact with anyone who has tested positive. If the athlete has any exposure to a confirmed or suspected COVID19 positive person they should not attend practice for at least 14 days.

The risk factors for parents to consider before their athlete returns to swim include autoimmune disease, diabetes, asthma, and cardiovascular disease, among others. Refer to the CDC guidelines for risk factors.

Program Considerations

The team will manage a gradual increase of monthly fees as the team slowly progresses back to normal. The parent board along with the head coach will determine what the starting monthly rates will be for the first 30 days.

Any coaches with health issues or vulnerabilities will be permitted to excuse themselves from any activities which they feel may compromise their safety or overall health.

Swimming Safely

During the 2021-2022 swim season, the Alameda Gators may require coaches, swimmers, parents, and/or guardians to answer health screening questions related to COVID-19 symptoms before coming to the pool. Further, once present at the pool, if an employee, swimmer, parent or guardian exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, the school may require conduct health screening and isolate the person, consistent with county guidelines. (No medical testing, blood or saliva draw will be performed).

Depending on the severity of COVID-19, we may also require students to quarentine and provide a negative test to coaches prior to returning to practice.

Anyone attending practice should wash their hands with soap and warm/hot water, and for at least 20 seconds prior to arrival.

The athletes will need to bring their own water bottles; there will be absolutely no sharing whatsoever.

If athletes need to sneeze or cough they will be advised to do so into their inside elbow area.

Athletes need to arrive five minutes prior to practice time starting and will not enter the facility until they are advised to do so by a coach or parent volunteer. Athletes will maintain 6 ft. of space when entering and exiting the pool and facility.

Athletes will be advised to not touch gates, fences, benches, door handles or any other surface that may have been compromised.

Again, athletes will have no locker room usage except for bathroom emergencies.

When swimming

Athletes will follow all directions from their coach regarding spacing and maintain 6 ft. of space between other swimmers at all times.

The coach will prioritize keeping family members paired in lanes when possible.

Athletes will be advised to not make physical contact with others including but not limited to shaking hands, high fives, and dabbing.

Athletes, coaches, and parents need to avoid touching their faces at all times

Athletes will be advised to not share food, drinks or towels at any time.

Athletes will be advised to wear suit to and from practice. Locker rooms will not be available.

After Swimming

Athletes will be advised to leave the facility as soon as reasonably possible after their practice ends.

Athletes will be advised to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer after they return home from practice.

Athletes will be advised the locker rooms will be off limits except for bathroom emergencies. Showering will need to be done before or after practice at home.

Athletes will be advised there will be no extracurricular activity or congregating after practice.