COVID-19 Guidelines for Alameda Gators

Updated as of 4.27.22

The health and safety of our members and the community is a priority for our team.  It is the responsibility of all us to work together to keep kids in school and the pool, and reduce community spread of COVID-19.

Gators follow public health guidance in a multi-layered approach regarding vaccination, masking, testing, distancing, and quarantining.  We recognize that some members of our community need extra layers of protection and/or are unable to be vaccinated. We will work with members, and where possible, identify appropriate modifications and alterations that will not increase the risk of COVID-19 exposure for our swimmers and staff.

Any swimmers or staff who are feeling ill should stay home and get PCR or antigen tested.    Please notify your coach as soon as possible so our staff can assess any exposure risk to fellow teammates and send out exposure notifications to those involved.

Changing rooms are available on a limited basis, swimmers can discuss use with their coach.  Swimmers are still strongly encouraged to arrive and depart in swim gear.


No longer required on deck

Vaccinations and Testing

COVID vaccination and boosters are strongly encouraged for all eligible adults and youth. 

  • Weekly PCR or antigen testing for unvaccinated Swimmers is strongly encouraged, and at some point may become mandatory
  • Testing is not required for fully vaccinated and boosted if eligible asymptomatic people.
  • Home / self-testing is accepted       

Positive test

Athletes and staff regardless of vaccine status can test on or after day 5 of symptoms start (or 5 days after date of test if asymptomatic).  If a negative result on or after day 5 (and asymptomatic) can return on or after day 6. If positive result they need to stay isolated at home until they have a negative test and are symptom free, or until a full 10 day isolation is complete.

Antigen test preferred in this scenario. 

Exposures/close contacts-

  • All swimmers/staff regardless of vaccination status: can continue to practice as long as they are asymptomatic but need to get tested within 3-5 days after last exposure. If a negative result (and asymptomatic) can continue practice without quarantine, but should wear a mask when around others on deck for 10 days. If positive result they need to isolate as described above for positive test.

Antigen or PCR test OK

*boosters are approved for 12 yo and up, 5 mo after second dose

Thank you for helping keep our Swim club safe!

Additional COVID Resources

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For the safety of the team, if we find out that someone didn't comply with the safety protocols we will be forced to suspend you from the program indefinitely.