Billing: Coaching fees for the competitive program are billed automatically on the first of each month, separately from annual membership fees.  (A full list of fees is available on the Fees section of our website.) Coaching fees are billed for all 12 months of the swimming season, September through August, and are not refundable after they are billed.

What the coaching fees cover:  Coaching fees cover as many practices per week as swimmers wish to attend (Monday-Friday), plus coaching at all team-scheduled swim meets (approx. 1 weekend per month).  Coaching fees are not pro-rated if a swimmer attends fewer than five days of practice per week.

Invoices: Families may check their invoices and billing history at any time by logging on to their account on the team website, clicking on the "My Account" link, and then clicking on the "$My Invoice/Payment" link. 

Payment:  Coaching fees are paid by credit/debit card.

We require that families set up automatic credit card or debit card payments through the team website. Auto-pay helps to ensure that you are never subject to a late payment fee, and it also eases the burden on our parent volunteers who process monthly payments.  If you have any questions about how to set this up, please contact a Board Member. 

Late payments:  Payments not received by the 10th day of the month are considered late and will be subject to a late fee of $10.00.  Late fees are assessed automatically by our online billing system on our website.  Please make sure that you pay on time to avoid these fees.

It is the family's responsibility to update credit/debit card information whenever their card on file expires or is replaced.  The Parent Board will do its best to alert families when it sees that a credit/debit card payment has failed, but that is considered a courtesy and not a responsibility of the team. Ultimately, it is the family's responsibility to update their credit/debit card information as needed. Any late fees that are charged due to credit/debit card failures will not be refunded.

Please also note that if a your account is in arrears for more than 45 days, your swimmer’s coach will be notified and your swimmer will not be allowed to attend practice again until your balance is paid in full.    

Cancellation of membership:  Please see the "Quitting the Team" page of the Handbook for details about how to cancel a swimmer's membership permanently. See the Leaves of Absence page for details about how to take a temporary break from the team.  

Refunds:  Except in the case of an error on the part of the team, monthly coaching fees are non-refundable after they are billed.  

Family membership fees are non-refundable after the first month of the season.