The Gators continued success relies heavily upon the volunteer efforts of the families of all swimmers.  The team does not have paid administrative staff and each family on the Competitive Team is asked to contribute their time and talents to the work of the team.  

All Competitive Team families are required to serve a minimum of 12 hours/year on team projects and eventsPlease note: Service hour obligations are not pro-rated for any time that a swimmer is on a voluntary leave of absence or if the swimmer quits the team before the end of the season.

Timing at Zone 2 Meets:  Family members must be available to fill a minimum of one timing or officiating shift at each Zone 2 swim meet for which their athlete(s) register.  

Hours can also be earned by working at our largest annual team events, the Freeze-a-Gator fundraiser (mid-winter) and the two-day City Swim Championships Meet (Aug), and by assisting with other events and projects that the team coordinates (example – picture day assistants, 4th of July parade coordinator, travel trip chaperones, etc.). 

We also welcome families to serve in other capacities where they see additional needs.  If you have ideas for projects that could benefit the team, or if you see ways that you might help us improve existing procedures or events, we would love for your help! Please contact a parent board member to discuss your ideas in more detail. 

Volunteer opportunities are posted on the ALGA website and announced through email messages to the team.  All tracking of family service hours – from sign up through confirmation of hours worked – is coordinated through the team website. Families are encouraged to check their Service Hours account periodically to make sure that all of your volunteer time has been appropriately credited. This can be done by logging on to the team website, clicking on the "My Account" tab, then clicking on the "$My Invoice/Payment" tab. Within the new window that opens is a tab for "Service Hours".

If the twelve-hour obligation is not met by the end of the swim season (August 15) or when the swimmer quits the team (if earlier than the end of the season), the family’s account will be charged $50/hour (maximum $600) for any unfulfilled volunteer hours.  The charge is payable whether or not the swimmer intends to return to the team for the next season. 

A NO SHOW penalty has also been put in place starting this season (2021-2022): if you sign up for a volunteer shift of any type and do not show, you will be charged $100 for each shift not completed.  This is a penalty and does not count as part of your volunteer requirement. If you cancel 5 or less day prior to event, you will be required to find a replacement or you will be considered a "no show".