Formal registration for the team is done online prior to beginning a swimmer's free two-week trial period (year-round swimmers only, free tryouts are suspended for summer session from mid-April through August) or, for returning swimmers, at the start of the new swim season.  At any time during the two weeks after registration you let us know that the team doesn't work for you, the membership fees and USA swimming fees will be refunded, no questions asked.  After that time they are not refundable.

The annual team membership fee and Pacific Swimming membership fee are due at the time of registration.  They are paid by credit card in the Registration module.  Monthly coaching fees begin billing on the first of the month immediately following registration.  Pro-rated coaching fees may be assessed after your free two-week trial period if you begin swimming with us at the start of the month.

If you have any questions, please contact Ariel Pun at