Gator Gear and Fundraising Sale

Theresa Massie

Our annual  Gator Gear and Fundraising Sale has launched! 

The Sale starts now and will close on December 4th so that everyone can get their items before the holidays in case you want to give something as a gift. All items will be shipped to Tracy Hazelton (gear person) around December 21st.  We're working on a distribution method, so stay tuned for that.  Below are each of the group order forms, with a description of the item.  Click on each link to order the individual items.

***Important *** on the purchase page in the box that says "Leave Tracy a Private Note (optional)" please make sure to include your swimmer's name and their swim group.  This is very important since this is how we sort everything once it's delivered.

Group Order Form 1 (Vintage design t-shirt or long sleeve shirt in red, black and dark heather gray) the goal is set for 19 

Group Order Form 2  (Gator Sweatpants in black)  the goal is set for 6

Group Order Form 3  (Gator Beanie in black or gray) the goal is set for 12

Group Order Form 4 - (Zip hoodie in dark heather gray with Gator logo) the goal is set for 20

More photos: