2022-2023 Recreation Swim Team Dues & Payment Schedule

The Bethel Park Recreation Swim Team has a seasonal, tiered structure for team dues. 

Tier 1 (2 Seasons): Senior, Platinum, and Gold are 2-season groups with separate registration and dues for the Short Course (Sept to Mar) and Long Course (Apr to Aug) seasons. These groups will have the option to pay the full-season dues at registration or in installments, in which case the first installment is collected upon registration and the following installments are collected on the 1st of the subsequent months. There will be no refund for those who choose not to complete the season.

Tier 2 (4 Seasons): Silver and Bronze are 4-season groups with separate registration and dues for Fall (Sept to Nov), Winter (Dec to Mar), Spring (Apr to May), and Summer (June to July). These groups will pay the full-season cost upon registration.  There will be no refund for those who choose not to complete the season.

Swim Team Dues

Bethel Park Recreation Department fees are used to pay coaching staff, for equipment, and cover any facility rental fees that may occur.  The fees are collected through B.P.R.S.T.P.A. and payments are made to the Recreation Department.  All money collected is passed through to the Recreation Department.

Dues and Registration Fees are processed through our Team Unify website (www.bprswim.org). You must maintain a valid payment method (credit card or ACH).

BPRST Groups, Seasons, and Dues Structure

2022-23 Swim Year

Tier 1 Groups


Start/End Date

Payment Options




Short Course

September - March

Single payment





9/1 - 10/1 - 11/1

3 Installments




Long Course

April - July

Single Payment





4/1 and 5/1

2 Installments




Tier 2 Groups


Start/End Date

Payment Options






Upon Registration






Upon Registration






Upon Registration






Upon Registration




Tier 3 Group





Multi-Athlete Discount

Families with more than one swimmer will benefit from a discount on their total dues based on the number of swimmers. The discount structure is detailed in the table below.

Number of Swimmers


2 Swimmers


3 Swimmers


4 Swimmers


5 Swimmers



2022-2023 Bethel Park Sharks

The Sharks is an extension of our summer league program, where athletes will be introduced to the sport of competitive swimming with daily instruction in the four competitive swimming strokes as well as legal starts and turns.  The Sharks will swim 5:00-5:45 p.m. Monday-Thursday. 

Our goal for this program is to make it free-flowing and have an open-door policy.  Athletes who register for Sharks (you can do so at www.bprswim.org by clicking ‘Start Registration’) will pay a monthly fee that is billed on the first business day in October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May.  Athletes can join the group at any time during the year (i.e. - after soccer or football season ends).  There is no attendance policy for this program, we simply want to leave the door open for those athletes who may want to join after a different sport ends or use swimming as a cross-training sport between seasons.  This revolving door philosophy also allows us to move athletes into the Bronze Training group as soon as we feel they are ready. Please know, that we will not move any swimmer into the Bronze Group without parent consent.  If you are content with your child remaining in the Sharks Program, we will keep them there and make sure they are getting the work they need.


USA Swimming Registration

USA Swimming has changed its USA swimming registration requirement. 

This year, families will have to register their swimmers on the USA swimming website and pay the annual registration fee.  The athlete USA swimming registration fee is $88.00.  A link to the USA swimming website to register your swimmer will be sent the first week in September.  

With this registration, all athletes are covered through USA Swimming’s insurance and deemed eligible to practice and compete in USA Swimming sanctioned events.

  • Registration provides athlete eligibility through December 31, 2023. 
  • Senior, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze - $88. ​
  • Sharks - $30 - should you move into the Bronze Group or above, your registration will be upgraded at a cost of $58.


T-shirt and Cap Fee

This fee is collected upon registration and covers the cost of team swim caps and a team t-shirt.

  • This fee is collected on a per member (athlete) basis.
  • Each athlete will receive 1 team t-shirt.
  • Each athlete who is registered prior to September 9, 2022 will receive 2 personalized swim caps (black) to be worn at meets.

All caps are to be used for meets, please do your best to purchase separate caps for practice use. 

Athletes who register after September 6th will not receive personalized caps.

Processing Fees

This fee is collected with each credit card payment ($0.30 + 2.95% of the total) or ACH payment ($1.25 per transaction) to cover the processing fees charged to the club. 

Other Fees

Meet Entry fees - any meet entry fees for meets your athlete swims will be billed to your account the week prior to the competition. You must maintain a valid payment method (credit card or ACH).