Volunteering is essential to the sport of swimming.  To reach higher levels of competition, a swimmer has to participate in swim meets in order to test his or her skills and strategies, and these meets require many volunteers to function.  At Bethel Park, we are fortunate enough to train in one of the best facilities in the Pittsburgh area.  Using this facility, we are able to host 2-3 meets per Short Course Season to help benefit our team, athletes, and families.  Hosting meets helps athletes remain close to home in a comfortable environment, helping them feel confident to succeed at a high level.  Hosting meets helps the team by generating funds needed to support budgetary items throughout the season.  Events like the team banquet, fall bonfire at Simmons Farm, and Holiday Dive in Movie are all put on using funds raised by meets hosted by our team.  And finally, there is no better way to get to know other families and new friends than by spending time with them volunteering and helping the team run a successful meet.


The meets that Bethel Park Recreation Swim Team athletes enjoy and need for improvement would not happen without the involvement of our parent volunteers. Together, they run the meets by filling job slots in areas like lane timers, officiating, heat sheet sales, computer operators, concessions, and awards. In addition to working at meets, our parent volunteers also help out at other team events such as Community Day or Chaperoning on team travel meets.  


Since the volunteering benefits all families on the team, it is expected that all families meet the annual volunteering requirement set forth by the Board of Directors at the beginning of the season.  Not fulfilling this requirement may come with a Volunteering Fee being charged.  For more specific details regarding volunteering, please see the Parents Association By-Laws and attend the Annual Parent Meeting in September.


Volunteer sign-up is easy and convenient. After you receive an email notification that job sign-ups for a meet are open, you simply sign into the BPRST website and click on the Event Job Sign Up. Next, click the box next to the job you want, click “Sign up,” and you will see your name appear in the job slot. It is understood that you will work the entire length of your session.