The team is broken down into two groups. The Green Team, and the Blue Team.

The Green Team is our developmental program, but is still part of the competitive program. In the Green Team, we suggest that swimmers take advantage of our league meets. These are generally local meets and generally do not have a cost. They tend to be novice meets and are a great way for both new swimmers and parents to learn the ropes in a comfortable environment.

The BlueTeam is our Highly Competitive program. We encourage swimmers to start participating in this as early as age 8. Once a coach feels your swimmer is ready to attend an open AMS meet your swimmer should do so.

Tuition is based on the swimmers ability and placement level.




This is the highest training group for the Blackhawk School District Swim Team. This group consists of mainly 14 year olds and older, and is comprised mostly of high school swimmers.These swimmers have a high level of commitment, as well as, a strong desire to improve. Attendance expectations are very high, as well as, exceptional work ethic and attitudes. Swimmers in this group participate in both "dry land" and water training. Yardage expectations average between 4000-6000 yards per practice.

The time standard to enter this group is a short course 200 IM time of 2:36.99

Meet participation is highly encouraged when it does not conflict with the High School Team Schedule.


This pre-senior group consists of mostly middle school level athletes. Average age for this group is 11-14. These swimmers are highly committed and have a strong work ethic. These athletes are familiar with both league and AMS meets and many of them have at least BB times or higher and have attended at least a Bronze Level AMS championship meet. Total yardage will be from 4,000-6,000 yards per practice. Focus in this group is to prepare swimmers for High school swimming. Swimmers in this group use both dry land and in the water training. Attendance at this level is critical for success.

The time standard to enter this group is a short course 100 IM time of 1:18.99

Athletes in this level are highly encouraged to attend 4 league meets and as many AMS meets as the coach deems appropriate for each swimmer. 


Welcome to the BLUE Team!

This group is usually advanced 9-14 year olds. Many of the swimmers in this group are familiar with attendance in both league and AMS meets. Additionally, many of the swimmers in this group are working towards AMS specific time cuts, such at "BB". In this group there is a strong commitment to stroke technique and improvement. Swimmers in this group use both dry land and in the water training. Yardage in this group is 3,000 - 4,000 yards per practice. Attendance requirements are less than the Senior and Junior levels, but regular attendance is highly encouraged.

The time standard for this group is a short course IM time of 1:33.99

*Regular league attendance is highly encouraged and at least 3 AMS meets.

Practice is offered 5 days per week for 1.5 hours per week.


More emphasis on race development and increased yardage. Ages vary greatly in this group, but generally from 8-12. The total yardage for this group from 2,000 - 3,000 yards. The focus is stroke development and race development. The swimmers will be encouraged to perfect their turns and starts before going to the next group. Swimmers will also be encouraged to start trying AMS meets at the Open event levels. This will prepare swimmers to move into the GOLD group. The use of dry land conditioning will also begin in this group two times per week during practice time.

Moving into the Cougars group requires discretion of the coaching staff. The standard to enter the Lion group is completion of a 100 IM legally 3 times at meets.

*Participation at all home league meets and 1 away meet is highly encouraged and participation in at least two AMS OPEN meets is HIGHLY recommended.


This is the second level of our green team

This group is made up of Novice swimmers that are still working on learning all four competitive strokes. Because practices are limited, it is important that swimmers in this group try their best to attend regularly so they may move up to the next level. Only with regular attendance can stroke and endurance improvement be upheld. This group will take everything from swim lessons into a competitive setting. Each swimmer will learn all four competitive strokes and perform them legally. No time standard is needed to enter this group. The swimmer must be legal in freestyle and backstroke and have a good understanding of the base skills of Breaststroke and Butterfly and dive effectively off the starting block. Total yardage in the group is 1,000 -2,000 yard per practice. Moving from CUBS to LIONS Group is based on the discretion of the coach.

*Participation in league meets are encouraged.  AMS meets: see coach


Welcome to the Green Team!

Wildcats are the introductory group to the Blackhawk School District Swim Team. This group is for swimmers new to the team that have come from the level 3 Learn to Swim program or for individuals who are able to swim freestyle and backstroke for 25 yards. They will learn additional swimming skills improving front crawl with rotary breathing, the butterfly and breaststroke kicks, and treading water. It will include introduction to diving and other aquatic skills. Racing starts will be taught under the direct supervision of a USA Swimming member coach using the American Red cross Safety Training for Certification Checklist.  The goal is to ready the swimmers for advancement into the CUB Group.

*League meet participation is suggested. AMS meet participation is not recommended for this group.