BCAT expects their members to behave in a manner that represents the club in a positive fashion. All members need to be aware of the following general rules of conduct:

  1. I will respect the sport, swim family, and follow the rules and regulations.
  2. I will show respect an authority to the officials of the sport.
  3. I will demonstrate good sportsman’s ship and be respectful of other teams, teammates, coaches at all team functions. This includes meets, team gatherings and practice.
  4. I understand that bullying is not accepted and will not be tolerated in any form by my teammates or coaches. (in any form i.e. in person or via social media)
  5. I will never interfere with the progress of my teammates – this includes disrespectful practice habits (splashing, kicking, dunking, horseplay) or any other situation that would put one swimmer in a disadvantage of another.
  6. I will treat the coaches and board members with respect and authority at all times and strive to be my best through practices.
  7. I understand that the use foul language in never acceptable and is cause for removal at practice and at meets.
  8. I understand that BCAT coaches have the right to dismiss me from practice based on my attitude, work effort, and/or behavior. I also understand that it is my responsibility to be truthful to my parents as to the reasons why I was removed from practice.
  9. I will be courteous to opposing teams and treat all swimmers and coaches with respect.
  10. I will work to protect and improve the reputation of the club in the swimming community.
  11. I understand that the use of drugs and alcohol are prohibited. If I am cited for a drug or alcohol related incident I am subject to removal from the team.
  12. Any swimmer who is known to use alcohol, illegal or illegally obtained drugs, or tobacco products is subject to suspension from the team.
  13. I understand that the locker rooms are bully free and harassment free zones. I also understand that NO horseplay of ANY KIND is tolerated in the locker rooms (i.e. hiding other swimmers’ items, stealing from bags, filling caps with water and dumping them out, removing items, standing on benches etc.). I understand that inappropriate behavior in the locker rooms is cause for disciplinary action.

I understand that failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action as set forth in the BCAT Discipline Policy including possible suspension or expulsion from the team.

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