2021 Summer Registration

Open for Returning Members

5/1/21 - 7/31/21

Open for New Members

5/1/21 - 7/31/21

42 Members

Welcome to the Elizabeth Forward Swim Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming Summer 2021 swim season!  We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim time histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

For Summer 2021 registration, we only have two types of memberships—Regular Member and AMS Member.  The registration fee for both memberships is $125.  When EFSC is accepted into an AMS Meet, a coaching fee of $25 will be assessed to those members registered as AMS Members.  USA Swimming Membership is required to be an AMS Member. 

Due to Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, Elizabeth Forward Swim Club does not have a set schedule for meets.  It is the expectation of the Coaching Staff and Board of Directors that swim meets through the Chestnut Ridge League and/or Allegheny Mountain Swimming/USA Swimming will occur throughout the Summer 2021 session. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: After registration, you will receive a practice group assignment that will detail what days and times your child(ren) will be assigned to practice.  While your swimmer is not required to participate in all practices within his or her designated group, he or she will not be permitted to practice with other groups.  This is necessary to maintain compliance with the CDC regarding social distancing and youth athletics. 

Parents of New Members:  We ask that you visit the "Resources" tab on our website and print out the Consolidated Signature Page and Medical History Form.  In addition, you must print out the Swimmer Code of Conduct and have your swimmer sign it. These signed documents are required to be submitted before your swimmer(s) can begin to practice.

Parents of Returning Members: If any information has changed on your child’s Medical History form, you must submit a new form.  In addition, the Parent Code of Conduct has been updated for the Summer 2021 Session.  By registering your child, you are agreeing to the modifications therein.

We look forward to having you join the Elizabeth Forward Swim Club and are excited for another great season!