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COVID-19 Safe Swimming Plan

COVID-19 Safe Swimming PoliciesThis is an interpretation of best practices and lessons learned from swim teams who have returned to swimming, guidelines from governing bodies, and requirements from local, state and federal authorities. These guidelines have been adapted from others. Recommendations from the following have been incorporated: USA swimming, OSHA, CDC, WHO, Allegheny County and Pennsylvania state guidelines.

These guidelines have been developed in the setting of SARS Co-V2 and COVID-19. COVID -19 is a viral infection that is spread via droplets/airways. While proper pool sanitization prevents the spread of the virus in water; its primary route of infection remains close exposure via air droplets when in close proximity to infected persons.


Goals Set Forth

  1. Protecting the health of all members of the FCKW community.
  2. Members of the FCKW community who are in higher risk demographics as identified by the CDC can self select not to participate until they determine that it is safe.
  3. Members of the FCKW swim community who chose to participate in its swimming will cooperate with this plan.
  4. All appropriate social distancing and spacing will be reinforced by staff per CDC/USA swimming guidelines.
  5. Most communication between coaches and parents will be virtual or via email.

Libby Ernharth will serve as the FCKW COVID-19 liaison.

FCKW athletes swim at different facilities and those facilities will provide the team with any limitations and requirements for use of their specific facilities in the settings of different phases of COVID-19.

Mitigating Hazards and building considerations for indoor facilities will be outlined as FCKW enters the Fall/Winter season.


Safe Practices/PPE

  1. Consider that staff ask athletes as they enter practice if they feel ill in any way (specifically listing fevers, chills, shortness of breath, new cough, with loss of taste or smell). All athletes reporting feeling ill or experiencing these symptoms will be asked to return home.
  2. Athletes who have traveled outside of the local Pittsburgh area need to follow the COVID-19 Information for Travelers Policy issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Health.
  3. Staff will be provided with PPE needed for both indoor and outdoor best practices.
  4. Staff will maintain appropriate pool spacing acknowledging that each facility has unique measurements and will require adjustments.


Swimming Safely

Preparation to swim for athletes and coaches

  • Wash your hands with disinfectant soap and water for 20 seconds or longer or use of hand sanitizer before practice
  • Equipment will NOT be shared; athletes will bring their own kick boards, hand paddles, pool buoy, front snorkel, fins, goggles, caps, yoga mat labeled with their names.
  • Arrive at practice with a full water bottle
  • Athletes will arrive no more than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled practice prepared to swim in their bathing suits
  • All will be encouraged to avoid touching surfaces
  • Athletes and staff will not attend practice if there are any members in their household who are not feeling well.

When swimming

  • Follow coaching directions for spacing, maintaining best recommended social distance practices.
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact with other teammates
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Avoid sharing food, drink, and towels
  • Wear your suit to and from practice, bathrooms will be available for emergency only.

After swimming

  • Leave the facility immediately after practice, no congregation at the facility
  • Again wash your hands or use sanitizer after leaving the pool
  • Plan to shower at home