Orange/Orange Plus Group

Practices are for one hour.  Swimmers will learn stroke development, fundamentals of competitive swimming, start and turn instruction, and making swimming FUN!

Black Group

Practices from one hour up to one and a half hour.  Swimmers in this group are able to swim all four strokes and complete the 100 individual medley.  This group will continue to emphasis stroke technique development while building endurance. 

Black Group Plus

Practices from one and a half hour up to two hours.  These swimmers are skilled in all four strokes as well as some longer distance events including the 200 individual medley.  Training methods are introduced with continued stroke refinement.

White Group 

Practices for two hours.  This group consits of high school, collegiate, and select swimmers who have achieved USA Swimming "A" times in multiple events.   These swimmers will show commitment and demonstrate good stroke mechanics. 


Decisions about moving a swimmer to another group are made by the coaching staff. The majority of moves come after a season. In special cases, the coaching staff will ask an individual to move to the next level during the season.

Swimmers are asked to move to a new group based on readiness and maturity. It is important to determine each swimmer's ability to phycially and emotionally handle the demands of the next level. Each group has skills and practice levels that need to be achieved in order to be prepared for practices.