George School Aquatics Program Policies

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GSA Mission Statement

George School Aquatics (GSA) provides swimmers of all ability levels the opportunity to train for success and learn the sport of swimming in a positive, challenging, fun, and supportive environment. Our professional coaches are devoted to developing complete student-athletes with a mind towards achievement both in and out of the pool. We are dedicated to establishing a solid foundation of proper mechanics and training habits upon which our athletes can grow and accomplish their goals in competitive swimming.



The GSA staff will communicate primarily through email and the website.  In the event that a phone call is necessary, please email the coach(es) so that a phone call can be scheduled.

Please be patient with the GSA coaches and staff in terms of communication responses. Each and every swimmer and family is a priority, however, there are more swimmers and families than coaches, and each of our coaches have additional jobs and responsibilities, within and outside of GSA. We will do our best to respond quickly, within a twenty-four hour period when possible.

Please be considerate of the coaching staff when practice is over and they are leaving. Our coaches have homes and families, just like you do, and adhere to a work and home life schedule. If you need to talk with a coach please email them so a meeting can be arranged.

Please do not speak to the coaches during practice. Our coaches are instructed not to speak with the parents or spectators when swimmers are on the pool deck. This allows them to give the swimmers 100 percent of their attention, be aware of any safety or discipline issues, and not to miss any coachable moments while a swimmer is in the water.

Parents and spectators who wait in the lobby or spectator area during practice are not to speak to or “coach” his or her child during practices. Should an emergency or unforeseen situation arise during practice necessitating the departure of a swimmer and his or her parent, please alert a member of the GSA staff.

Please refer to the George School Aquatics website for contact information and coach/staff listings. Although GSA is owned by, and the staff are employees of George School, GSA and its staff are an external program. Non-GSA George School employees are not versed, prepared, or authorized to answer or address most questions related specifically to GSA. George School students are their top priority as GSA swimmers are ours.



The primary group fee charged at registration is applied to the general season fee. Additional charges for meets, travel and/or transportation expenses, coaching fees, championship apparel, team activities, banquets, team gifts, etc. will be billed to your accounts accordingly.

Accounts not in good standing may result in dismissal of your swimmer, temporarily or permanently, from GSA practices and/or program. Please contact Bob Kupperman to discuss situations of financial hardship, questions about billed items, or other concerns about keeping your billing account current.

Accounts are automatically invoiced on the first of each month.  Families that have elected to pay via monthly installment and have set up automatic billing to a credit card or ACH debit from a bank account must notify the coaching staff immediately if your swimmer(s) will no longer be able to participate in GSA.  Payments will continue to be automatically processed on the first of each month until we are notified of member cancellation.    


Practices & Meets

Team/Club structure, group and practice structure, and schedules may be changed, restructured, and reworked for the best use of GSA resources, and in the best interest of the overall program.  Any changes regarding the structuring of the team/club, practice groups and/or schedules will be posted and distributed electronically as early as possible.

Swimmers will be placed into practice groups deemed most appropriate for them by the GSA coaching staff. Placements are final until a change, up or down a group, is deemed necessary by the coaching staff. Placement assignments are based on a variety of criteria and made in the best overall interest of each swimmer.

Swimmers are expected to meet the practice attendance requirements assigned to their respective groups. Coaches will take attendance daily. Swimmers who do not meet their practice requirements will be notified and appropriate actions will be taken if requirements continue to be unmet.  The overall expectation is that swimmers will be attending all practices each week.  If something comes up that would necessitate an absence from practice (wedding, funeral, illness, school event, etc.) please email your swimmer’s coach as soon as possible.  Under no circumstances should GSA swimmers be missing scheduled GSA practices to train or take lessons with another program.  Should a swimmer or parent wish to have private lessons or extra training time we encourage them to approach the GSA coaches first.  The exception to this rule is if a swimmer is participating on their high school or middle school team in which case we will work with the swimmer and their school coach to develop an appropriate compromise that meets the requirements for both teams and is most beneficial to the swimmer's development.

We are guests of George School and all members of GSA, swimmers and families, are expected to behave accordingly. Although GSA is owned by George School, our use of their pool and facilities is a privilege, not a right. Any actions or behavior that has a negative impact upon George School, George School students, George School community, or damages the facilities will result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including, dismissal from the team.

Parents are not to clog up George School parking lots during drop off/pick up. Only park in the athletic center parking lot and do not block the road or entrance to the building.

Any GSA vehicle parked in an illegal or unauthorized area is subject to ticketing or towing.

George School athletic events, particularly during the winter season, may impact the availability of parking. Please refer to the athletics page on the school’s website in order to plan accordingly, and consider carpooling with other parents if possible.

GSA members, swimmers and parents, are not allowed in George School’s Fitness and Athletic Center earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of their practice. We would like to avoid too much lobby and locker room overlap and “traffic jams” between the GSA swimmers and George School students.  Ten minutes from drop off to being on the deck and ready is more than sufficient. GSA parents and swimmers are not permitted to enter any George School buildings, facilities, structures, or fields other than the Fitness and Athletic center building and parking lot. 

During practice, GSA parents and family members may wait in the lounge area in the first floor lobby, the concession area on the first floor, and the natatorium spectator area.  The restrooms are located on the first floor in the South Corridor.  GSA parents and family members may use the water fountain located on the second floor in the hallway on the right after the fitness center.  GSA parents and family members should not be in any other areas of the Fitness and Athletics center during practice.

There is to be no running in the hallways.

No one is allowed on the pool deck or in the pool offices other than GSA coaches and swimmers.

Parents are not to be in the locker rooms. Parents of swimmers ages 8 years and younger who may need to assist their child may use the Family Locker Room.

All swimmers are expected to be at practice, ready, and on time for their respective groups. If a group is to begin at 7:00 p.m., for example, then the swimmer should be on the deck and ready to be in the water at 7:00 p.m.. Walking into the building or locker room at 7:00 p.m. constitutes being late. “Being Early is Being on Time. Being on Time is Being Late”.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration. All swimmers, regardless of their practice group, are to have an appropriate drink for every practice and meet. We are lucky to have several water fountains on the pool deck for filling and refilling water bottles, however, not bringing a bottle or drink and expecting to rely on getting in and out of the pool during practice for a drink at the fountain is not acceptable. Acceptable drinks for practices and meets include water, Gatorade, Propel, or Power-Ade type beverages. Glass containers, energy drinks, juice, soda, caffeinated beverages, tea, lemonade, etc. are not allowed.

Chocolate milk has been scientifically proven to be a beneficial aid in recovery after physical activity, particularly swimming. As such, Senior and Junior group swimmers should have a chocolate milk to drink at the end of every practice. YooHoo, Ensure, Boost, etc. are chocolate flavored drinks but not true chocolate milk, and as such should not be used in place of chocolate milk as a recovery drink. Swimmers are not required to have a chocolate milk at the end of every practice but they are highly encouraged to do so.

All swimmers are required to have the appropriate training equipment for their specific group for each and every practice. Equipment may vary per group so please check the team website for equipment lists which will be located with the group descriptions. GSA swimmers may NEATLY leave their equipment bags in the designated pool storage room. Swimmers who choose to keep their training equipment at the pool must have the outside of their bag clearly labeled with their name. All swimmers should put their name on each piece of equipment to avoid mix ups or lost items.

Any swimmer with hair that falls into their eyes or face, or comes below their chin, must wear a cap at all practices and meets.

Each swimmer should bring a suit, cap, goggles, towel, drink and training equipment to every practice.

GSA swimmers are not to leave their bags or personal items in the locker rooms during or after practice. Swimmers should bring their bags onto the pool deck at the start of practice and leave them neatly on the bench.

There is to be no garbage left on the pool deck, in the locker rooms, or any other area of the building or campus. This applies to practices and meets. Please dispose of all trash in the appropriate receptacle. If you are unable to find a trash can or recycle bin please take the trash with you. George School and GSA pride themselves on being active and progressive advocates of green living.  Trash being left in our home facility, as well as away facilities, speaks to the opposite of these green friendly ideals.

Food is not allowed on the deck unless otherwise noted by a member of the GSA coaching staff.

When there is a meet, there will be no practice for any groups.

Occasions may arise where a George School Swim Team practice, meet, event, or obligation may conflict with George School Aquatics scheduling or pool usage. In the event of a scheduling conflict, please note that George School and the GS team will take first priority and GSA practices may be canceled or adjusted accordingly.

Swimmers will be required to purchase a GSA suit, cap, and some apparel. Additional official and optional team gear will also be made available for purchase. The team suit and cap are to be worn at all meets GSA attends. No exceptions. Tech suits will be allowed for specified meets only. Information as to which meets the swimmers may wear tech suits will be posted. Swimmers aged 10 years and younger are not to wear a tech suit under any circumstances. Please have your swimmer speak with their coach directly if there are any questions regarding tech suits.

Swimmers are not to wear any apparel, swim caps, suits, t-shirts, or warm ups that represent another team or club during practices or meets. The only exception to this is Middle Atlantic Zone Team, USA Junior National, or USA National gear.

There will be dress code and apparel requirements for each meet we attend. An email will be sent in advance of all meets with this information.

Swimmers who do not have their team suit and cap for the meets are subject to be removed from said meet. We are a team and the suit and cap are the core of our “uniform”. A football player does not go out on the field wearing whatever jersey he chooses, he wears the team uniform. Swimming is no different and GSA is firm in this policy.

There will be no shaving in the locker rooms, pool area, or any other area of George School or any other facility GSA visits.

GSA may be required to provide workers for meets we attend. Parents of GSA swimmers are required to fulfill these program obligations. In the event of this happening, the GSA staff will make every effort to communicate this information to the GSA families prior to the meet so we may secure our workers ahead of time and not cause any delay at the meet itself.


Behavior and Conduct

All GSA swimmers and families are expected to demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship and proper decorum at all times. You are not just representing yourselves, but are a representative of George School Aquatics and George School. As such, everyone is to behave in a manner that demonstrates strength of character, respect and dignity for others, and pride in self, team, and George School, the host and sponsor of our team. These expectations include, but are not limited to:


  • All swimmers are to shake hands with their competitors at the end of each race.

  • Trash talking of any type will not be tolerated by any GSA swimmer or parent.

  • Bullying of any type, regardless of nature (verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, mental, etc.) will not be tolerated.

  • Misuse of social media which may cast GSA or anyone affiliated with GSA or GS in a negative light will not be tolerated.

  • There is to be no badmouthing, trash talking, or slanderous verbiage about any GSA coach, staff member, swimmer, family, GSA club/program, member of George School community, or George School.

  • There will be no screaming or yelling, or abusive behavior towards any GSA coach, staff member, swimmer, or family.

  • There will be no lewd, lascivious, or sexual behavior, talk, imagery, or gestures from or towards any member of GSA.

  • Any act of fraud, dishonesty, or deception will not be tolerated.

  • There is to be no use, advocacy, or endorsing of alcohol and/or drugs within the GSA club or facilities.

  • There is to be no unauthorized or non-sanctioned "recruitment" to GSA or George School. If someone you know inquires about our program please refer them to Bob Kupperman, the Program Director and Head Coach of GSA/Aquatics Director and Head Coach of GS.

  • All swimmers and families are expected to adhere to all USA Swimming, FINA, Middle Atlantic, and Eastern Zone rules and policies in the areas of doping and sexual behaviors. Please see the website for these governing bodies for more details.

  • Anyone in violation of any of these policies is subject to immediate disciplinary actions as deemed appropriate and necessary by the Program Director and Head Coach and coaching staff of George School Aquatics. These actions may include, but are not limited to, removal from the building(s), removal from practice, removal from meet, removal from roster/program.


Photography Consent

Members who are 18 or older:

I give permission and consent that I may be photographed, filmed, reported on or interviewed during my participation in George School Aquatics activities.  I further give permission that my  name and information regarding accomplishments and the photographs, videos and interviews may be published in newspapers, television, George School publications and website, and other publications and websites to illustrate and promote the George School Aquatics experience, George School and its auxiliary programs.


Members who are under 18:

I give permission and consent that my child may be photographed, filmed, reported on or interviewed during his/her participation in George School Aquatics activities.  I further give permission that my  child’s name and information regarding accomplishments and the photographs, videos and interviews may be published in newspapers, television, George School publications and website, and other publications and websites to illustrate and promote the George School Aquatics experience, George School and its auxiliary programs.



There is no photography or videoing of GSA practices from the stands.  This is a blanket rule that covers anyone in the stands during practice.  This includes parents, family members, friends, visitors, anyone in the stands at all.  Photography and vidoeing are permitted from the stands at meets and according to the hosting team or facility's policies.  


Travel &Transportation

At times we will attend meets which require GSA to travel. Some of these meets will be major travel meets where hotels will be needed (ex: TYR Cup, JOs), others will just require longer car rides. When we attend a major travel meet, GSA will attempt to secure a block of hotel rooms for GSA swimmers and families. GSA families will be required to cover the cost of their swimmer and family accommodations. Swimmers should make every effort to stay at the team hotel but are not required to do so. When we have arranged for a block of hotel rooms, all hotel information will be sent out via email as soon as possible. All swimmers are required to have a parent or adult with them for these meets. All swimmers must inform the GSA coaching staff, prior to the meet, as to where they will be staying. On occasion we may attend a team travel meet where coaches and swimmers will travel and stay together (ex: Junior Nationals). GSA will make all travel and transportation arrangements for team travel meets and the swimmer’s account will be charged accordingly. For these meets, parents will be required to sign a release and permission slip. Any parent who wishes to attend a team travel meet as a spectator may do so with the understanding that they are responsible for their own travel and accommodation arrangements, and are asked to make hotel arrangements separate from the team hotel. Information on team travel meets will be distributed at the earliest possible convenience when applicable.

GSA coaches and staff are not allowed to drive swimmers under any circumstances other than authorized GSA team travel trips when deemed appropriate and necessary. As such, please do not ask the GSA coaches or staff for rides.

GSA encourages the use of carpools for making practice and meet attendance easier and more affordable for the GSA swimmers and families, as well as alleviating parking issues on the George School campus.


High School & College Swimming

Any GSA swimmer who also swims for and represents their school team needs to set up a meeting with their GSA coach at the earliest possible convenience. GSA coaches are advocates of all high school age swimmers having the opportunity to compete for and represent both their school and club teams during the winter school swim season and will do everything possible to make both team commitments work in the best possible interest of the swimmer.

Any GSA swimmer who also swims for their school team must provide their GSA coach with a copy of their high school meet and practice schedule for the entire high school swim season prior to the start of high school swim season beginning.

Any GSA swimmer coming home from college for a visit, holiday break, or summer vacation is welcome to come back and train with GSA during that time. These swimmers should contact the GSA coaches as soon as possible regarding this matter.

GSA swimmers who are in their sophomore, junior, or senior year and who would like to swim at the college level should contact their group coach to set up a meeting to discuss the college research, recruiting and swim process.


George School Matriculation

Any family or swimmer interested in pursuing George School for high school, as a day or boarding student, should contact the GSA Program Director and Head Coach

George School holds several prospective student and family events per year. Any GSA swimmer or family who is interested in attending one of these events should contact the GSA Program Director and Head Coach for more information.


Holidays/Gifts/Parties/Off Site Activities/ETC.

On occasion GSA may have team activities such as holiday parties, viewing parties, etc. When these events are planned an electronic notice will be sent out and posted. GSA swimmers and families will be expected to make contributions and donations to some of these events. This information will be distributed at the earliest possible convenience.

GSA swimmers who wish to give their teammates a gift or card or treat for Christmas, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, etc. should be sure to have something for each member of the group or distribute said gift privately and apart from the group and team. Birthday presents and coaches gifts are exempt from this policy.

GSA swimmers who wish to invite a teammate to an out of practice activity or event are expected to do so discreetly and privately unless the invitation is being extended to the entire group or team.

GSA swimmers and families are not to host, attend, or promote off-site activities identifying with, promoting, advocating, etc. George School Aquatics that are not officially authorized and/or sanctioned GSA events.

Fundraisers and other events may be added to the GSA schedule on occasion and all swimmers are expected to attend said events, and families are expected to participate appropriately. Families may be expected to contribute to some of these events. Information on any team event will be distributed and posted as early as possible.


No swimmer will be allowed to register for George School Aquatics without GSA having received legitimate acknowledgement and confirmation that these policies have been read by the families and swimmer(s).


*It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure their swimmer(s) have read the GSA program policies.

*Changes and additions to these policies may be made and implemented at any time.

*Violation of any of these policies are subject to immediate actions and sanctions.