George School Aquatics

Training Procedures due to Covid-19


The health and wellbeing of those involved in our aquatics program are of the utmost importance to us during the COVID-19 pandemic, thus, we are taking measures to ensure our pool is a safe environment in which to train.  In order to best follow the CDC health guidelines, George School Aquatics will be implementing the following new procedures during our indoor, short course swim season this year.



  • Please evaluate your wellness. DO NOT come to any practice if you or anyone in your household exhibits signs of illness. 


  • Arrival for swimmers is on the RIGHT SIDE of the Fitness & Athletic Center (FAC) ONLY (when facing front of building). 
  • DO NOT ENTER the front of the Fitness and Athletic Center (FAC) building. There is NO access to the pool deck from these doors.      
  • DROP-OFF is at orange cones on side of building.  Access road is between the FAC and library (Farm Drive)   
  • PICKUP is in front of the FAC in parking lot.
  • FOR SWIMMER DROP OFF:                                                                                                         

Entering campus @ Farm Drive: At the first stop sign proceed straight and then stop @ FIRST set of stairs (on left) to drop your swimmer.  All GSA swimmer drop-off MUST BE DONE ON SIDE OF BUILDING. Once swimmer has departed vehicle, car will proceed to next stop sign beyond horse ring.  Turn left at stop sign and continue on ONE WAY ROAD PAST HORSE BARN.  Continue around loop to following stop sign, and exit campus either at Farm Drive (same as you entered) or the Pennswood Village drive.


  • FOR SWIMMER PICK UP:   Drivers should sit in FAC parking lot while waiting for their swimmer.  Swimmers will exit pool deck from two side doors leading to front of building (doors closest to Library). Swimmers should walk across street to parking lot to meet their transportation home. This will allow the traffic flow to keep moving appropriately.  NO PARKING OR IDLING in Fire Lane in front of FAC please.  It’s extremely dangerous for our kids to be in the dark with many cars driving through campus.



  • All swimmers entering/exiting the FAC pool area MUST BE WEARING A MASK.  Swimmers will continue wearing masks until immediate entrance into the water.
  • Swimmers MUST ARRIVE in their swimsuit. Locker rooms will ONLY BE USED for restroom needs.  There will be no changing of any kind allowed in our locker rooms until further notice.
  • Swimmers will put their belongings in assigned spots on the pool deck, by training group, and will maintain a 3ft distance from others. 
  • NO SPECTATORS will be allowed in our facility until further notice.  If you need assistance during training, please contact Coach Brandon @ 609-658-6354 or Ginna @ 215-313-6762. 
    No adults are allowed on our pool deck at any time during training.
  • Swimmers MUST have their own water bottle for training.  Fountains will be used for water bottle refill only!
  • To promote social distancing within our practice sessions, we will be limiting the number of participants in each training group. 
  • NO SPECTATORS are allowed in the FAC at this time due to Covid-19 procedures. Please share all of this information with any adults who could be supporting your family in the pick-up & drop-off of your swimmers.



  • A mask is required to be worn upon immediate completion of practice and exit of FAC pool facility. 
  • There will be NO ACCESS to the locker rooms following training.  All swimmers must exit water and dry off, collect personal belongings, place mask on and exit pool deck at designated EXIT doors, closest to library.